How to live life of your dreams

In order to ‘live the life of your dreams’ you need to find a job where you get paid to do what you love. You need to turn your hobby into a full time career.

Everyone is different— with different preferences, predilections and passions. Everyone wants to live a life of their dreams: but not all are lucky to have it. (The unlucky ones are however the ignorant ones—the ‘ones’ who tend to believe they can’t have it out of resource crisis! It is possible to achieve any genuine thing in life provided you believe you can—that creates the motivation, the drive to accomplish the duties that would manifest your dreams into reality.)

So what’s the issue with you? Are you finding it difficult to live the lifestyle of your dreams—the lifestyle that involves doing something you are passionate about? Well, read on to unearth the secrets of ‘the good life’!

The first thing you should be concerned about is getting motivated. Everything you do in your day-to-day life is driven by an inner urge that springs out of need. To get motivated its important to realize your needs and accordingly set well defined goals. Leaving it to fate and compromising with yourself will not create the motivation responsible for initiating goal-specific behaviors.

Some people find their passion in being fit and healthy, some people in socializing and partying, some in adventure and sports, in writing, singing, dancing, in reading minds; and often in more than one thing.

But living your passion is different than having a passion. What if your hectic life doesn’t allow you to do what you love. Then what’s the point in having that passion? The solution to this is choosing your career wisely. It important to choose your career carefully, and confidently, to ensure your passion is no longer a hobby but a part of your life. If you enjoy bodybuilding and gym going, you can choose your career in a fitness-training center where you can work as an instructor (And if you have an additional flair for writing, you can be a fitness writer side by side). I studied journalism because I had a passion for writing and travelling, and now I am a travel journalist, my dream job that pays me for going places and sharing my expressions in the form of narrative features.

Then you can be a wildlife photographer, a filmmaker, a choreographer, an artist, an engineer, a doctor, whatever you want…just make sure that’s where your passion lies. You’ll be happy and satisfied.

Finding a dream job is not a difficult thing…it looks difficult because of some impedance factors: sometimes your parent pressurize you to choose a particular career;  sometimes your peers will criticize you for being different; sometimes you may have a motivation breakdown.

Sometimes you may think you lack resources to accomplish your goal, but this is just a belief that limits your potentiality, an extremely off-putting belief. But the reality is far different than you may think: ‘you have all the resources that you need to accomplish a goal’.

Humans are like metals. It’s very difficult to change the shape of metal when it is in solid form. But when a metal is heated beyond a particular temperature(the point of fusion), it melts. Molten metal can be put into any shape. Similar with humans. It’s very difficult to change yourself in desired way in normal, day to day condition. But there is a state of mind (which I call the state of behavioral malleability) which when reached allows you to manipulate your behavior in desired way. And remember, no self transformation is possible without reaching that state. its crucial to learn how to reach that state. There are various resources available online that help you learn to unleash the power of subconscious and get anything you want in life.

So here’s the bottom line. To live the life of your dreams, you need to choose your career wisely, motivate yourself towards your goal, change some limiting beliefs to get more choices in life, and be ready to face confrontations and criticisms. This article is a self-help article that tells you that it’s possible to live the life of your dreams. The first thing you can do to ensure your success in future is to believe in my words, and work towards your goal with positive attitude. Make use of internet when you’re in any doubt or confusion. The ‘good life’ awaits!

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Kishlay Singh

Really a well written article. We should atleast try for what we love, achieving depends on our efforts but should not lose without trying.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

what we have to do if we don't know what we love ? but when we know what we don't love..

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago by vamsi Garaga

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