How to increase page views to your personal blog without spending moneyBlogging is a growing trend of Internet age. Not just limited to writers and website owners, blogs have now become an important tool of self-expression and an ideological platform for just anyone who knows how to frame ideas into words . However, having a blog is one thing; getting people to see it is another. Getting your ideas on the web is one thing, getting it valued and criticized is another. Having a blog, which is visited, praised, judged, and criticized regularly, is a euphoric feeling. So let’s learn how to get some peeps onto your personal blog so that your you’re motivated towards making it even better.



Please note—these suggestions apply to personal blogs that are not intended towards moneymaking. For later, you may need to consider things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank higher in Google search, and also paid advertisements like CPC and CPM. I know peoples who just blog out of passion. They wouldn’t like to take advertisement to a professional level because they have some other things to do in life. These suggestions are meant for those people who maintain a personal blog and want to get some traffic without spending money or large amount of times promoting it.

Use Social media

Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting blogs. Even, the multinational companies make use of social media to promote their products. You can do the same. Some important ones are—



Google plus


The king of social media, Facebook, has many features that can help you get more traffic to your blog. You can create an FB page for your blog and promote it to get likes. Once your page has enough likes, start posting feeds of blog posts with attractive pictures and links. People who have liked your page are most likely to check out your blog post if they find your feeds engaging.

Facebook groups are yet another way to gain traffic. You can join groups related to your blog niche and start participating in discussions. Occasionally, you can ask people to check out your link if its relevant to the discussion. 

Many people want to be anonymous blogger; they don’t want their family or friends to see their posts or even let them know they have blog.(Like if you’re blogging about ‘preventing STDs while having casual s*x…ahem’) It becomes a problem to promote your blog on FB if you are one such blogger. But don’t panic. You can make use of privacy setting to prevent your friends seeing your activities regarding blogging. Also make sure you join ‘Closed Groups’ so that your friends may not be able to see what you do in that group.

Use forums and blogs

Join online forums of personal bloggers related to your topic and participate in online discussions. Post links of your blog relevant to your discussion and be willing to read others too. It’s much like a relationship. Make connections  and add them to your circle. You can start a thread(a thread is a post in public forums) and make it controversial so that it turns into a debate. Support your claims by asking the opponents to read your blogposts first and then comment.

Read other people’s blogs that are related to your topic and post your comments. But there’s a trick involved here. Suppose someone writes about the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day to have a glowing skin. You can comment something like

nice post dude. However, there’s something more you can do to achieve the same result.

The readers reading their post may see your comment and check out your blog too.

Make your blog interactive and controversial

Select your niche wisely. Suppose there are two blogger, one blogs about how to seduce your girlfriend into having s*x; the other blogs about how to do homeworks on time and be a good boy. It’s obvious the first blogger will get far more views than the other. The later may end up creating a blog that no one wants to read. It’s important to choose a topic that interest people. Some evergreen and most popular topics are related to

s*x and relationships

Making and saving money


Health and lifestyle

Self improvement


And many more…

It’s a proven fact that people like to read about money, s*x and love more than anything else. Magazines make use of this knowledge and there’s no speculation why Vogue, Femina, Playboy etc…are so sucessful today.


Post viral videos

Ok…this one sounds dangerous ! But relax, it’s nothing like that. Often we hear about videos going viral on internet overnight, earning the video-maker significant fame. Viral videos are such videos that are so amazing that people can’t resist sharing with other. That way, the video reaches a massive audience overnight.

 If you feel you have that thing in you, if you feel you can get those creative juices out and prepare a youtube video that’s worth watching, then go for it. Who knows you may be the next Internet celebrity! Even if your videos don’t get viral, you can still hope to get more traffic to your blog or facebook page. You don’t need to be an expert to make a viral video. Basic editing skills and a good camcorder is what you need. Sometimes you get awesome shots in not-so-awesome places like when travelling in a public bus or enjoying your lunch at restaurant.

Here’s a tip: Blog about breaking news items and prepare videos related to it, you’re more likely to show up in search results. That’s one thing you can do to make your videos viral, and your blog famous.

Good luck with your blog!

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago by Kishlay Singh

Hey really good read. Quality should be top priority than quantity. Really helpful for new bloggers.

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

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