Everyone feels shy at some point or the other in his or her life; it’s a normal thing you deal with in everyday life. However, when shyness starts to interfere with your day-to-day activities such that you are unable to get the most of your academics, it should be attended to immediately. In this article, I'll tell you how you can eliminate your shyness and be more outspoken in the class so that you're not counted as some dull back-bencher.

Unlike some introverts, many shy peoples want to be outspoken and sociable. However, the insecurity within them prevents them to unleash their potential. They are too conscious of themselves around peoples—and before acting—imagines the whole set of scenes that would follow, often placing themselves in a negative enclosure. The following points can help you.

Three-second rule

Whenever there is an opportunity where you would get to speak in the class, do it within three seconds without thinking about the consequences. Just do it and be prepared for the worst. This rule can greatly help to overcome your shyness in general. What you feel like doing at an instant, which you'd be avoiding or contemplating about before out of shyness, just do it within three seconds, being prepared for the worst. Make it your habit, and the shyness will die out.

Feel good about yourself

It is very important that you feel good about yourself. This is possible only if you have high self-esteem; and in case if you don’t have, there’re many thing you can do to build it. Pay attention to your health and hygiene—health is not a gift but a prize that’s achieved through endeavor. Look good by working out regularly, wearing neat and tidy dresses that are in vogue, and don’t forget to wear a smile!

Other thing you can do to raise your self-esteem is Study and bring good grades; you’ll be appreciated for that—a positive reinforcement for you to amplify the action that has brought about this positive change; an ample reason to believe in your worth.

Specialize in a particular academic field.

You need not feel bad about your flaws—may be you don’t have a good pitch for delivering an emotive speech, but that shouldn’t bring you down. You must be having some other strength that makes you unique. Highlight your strengths and hide your flaws. Don’t be a stereotype. Stand out. Be specialized in a particular field and tokenize your expertise with confidence.

Be energetic

A study says that you feel good and confident when the level of dopamine in your brain is higher. Dopamine is ‘feel good’ hormone whose secretion is triggered by vigorous physical exercises. Even a brisk morning walk can increase your dopamine level significantly for the entire day; it will make you feel good and confident; and will get the impetus to show your worth—a chemical drive! 


Don't be pretentious

Other’s perception of you is a function of many factors: appearance, voice tone, body language etc... your mind analyses these attributes and categories you as a particular type of person. So if you pretend to be outspoken your attributes will mismatch and you may transmit wrong impression of yourself to others. Don't pretend to be something; just be it. Believe that you're outspoken and you'll become outspoken.

 Believe and act

Believe that you're the best and you'll come out as the best. ‘’A man is as he thinketh’’, as the bible says. But a new research has yet another proposal. Every time you act optimistic, cheerful and intelligent (even though you’re not) you’ll amplify that very factor that’s responsible for these attributes, and overtime it will become a part of you. You’ll change. To be clearer, we can say that this is the mind-body connection—a two-way process where one has the power to influence other. Actions can influence your beliefs and behavior, and beliefs can influence your action.  So believe and act at the same time for best results.


Someother things you can do to be more outspoken in the classroom are--


Come to school prepared


Practice speaking in front of mirror


Take a speech course to boost your self-esteem

Final words:Do not be a slave of your behavior. Change your behavior by changing your beliefs about the world. When you change your belief, you are actually reprogramming your subconscious mind. This in turn enables you to be what you want to be.



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