America, aren't you crossing limits?

“Lol…I personally think that chick got what was coming to her. She should not have been treating her staff as slaves and under paying them. I'm glad she got strip searched and got tossed in a cell with other criminals. Now she knows what it's like to be someone who makes less than a hundred thousand a year.”

“I don't care that it was an Indian diplomat. She is nothing more than a person, just like anyone else. You're acting like they bent her over a table and raped her. Maybe we should be strip searching all of your diplomats.”

"Addicts and workers are people too, what's the difference. The in either country will do what they do, same situation in more ruthless country. Criminals go there. At least she got nice US cell and a sandwich."

The level of ignorance of american people in an online debate was shocking! It's like Americans aren't taught anything about how global politics works.

America is a developed nation but it doesn’t mean it can bully, disrespect and exploit other developing nations at will. The arrest of Dr. Devyani Khobragade, Deputy consul General of India in US raises speculation about political intentions of America. Throwing diplomatic niceties to the winds, the IFS officer was put in prison cell with s*x workers and drug addicts. The police stripped her naked in the custody and harassed her in name of investigation. While the US diplomats in India enjoy high-end facilities, that’s how they return the favor. What a shame!

And can anyone say it happened inadvertently? Similar treatments have been given to the president, bollywood stars and ambassadors of India at airport, despite the fact that they have the right not be ‘tortured’ in the name of security. 

Few Victims of American impertinence and humiliation

America, aren't you crossing limits?

I raised a debate on social media regarding the issue of Devyani Khobragade; results were surprising!   A gentleman said, “I am sure US marshal or state government would never have done such a "barbaric" act with Russians or Chinese diplomats.’ Indirectly, he meant to say that Indians deserves to be disrespected and bullied. What else would it mean! David (name changed) of US said, “Maybe we should be strip searching all of your diplomats”. He went on saying, “I get the feeling if this was anyone but a person from India, I wouldn't care that it even happened.” Is this what America stands for? And what about those mighty lectures on Human Rights? One may argue that a single person’s attitude doesn’t make up the stance of America as a whole. But my experience in the debate says that none of the Americans felt guilty about Devyani’s incident. They kept on insisting that what the officials did was right, and even cracked sarcastic jokes.

Now the question is: ‘Is it fair to play human, when other treats us like animals?’ We have always treated US officials with divine hospitality. We have followed the principle of ‘Atithi Devo Bhawah’ with their diplomats . But is our hospitality being paid off well?  I think it’s time to confine our hospitality principle; only those guests should be treated like Gods, whose actions are Godly. The best thing to follow is a tit-for-tat policy. To investigate how our NRIs, tourists, diplomats and officials are treated in foreign and deliver the same type of conduct to their citizens would be an active step towards teaching US a lesson of morality. We’ve endured enough; it’s time to act!

There’re many people in India who consider Obama their role-model. Of course, he’s a noble and just man; but if the relations between the two countries worsens due to issues like this, I fear we may start to hate him for no good reasons.  Do Americans respect Obama? I know majority of them does but I have seen some of them complaining on social media about how Obama is responsible for the wretched condition of their economy. I asked an American: How would you feel if we strip search obama when he comes to India? He replied,  I personally don’t care if you do that. Another one said, “I don’t care if Obama kisses the a** of India”. At that point, I realized that if they don’t respect Obama, respecting a diplomat who’s from India is out of question! Clearly, the stigma of racism seems to be on high in their comments.

When I discussed about the case of Deyvani being  transferred to UN, some US participants  on the thread commented that it doesn’t matter as much of UN is funded by America. Undoubtedly, they meant to say that UN is the servant of United States! Can you imagine UN being under a country that doesn’t give a sh*t about Human rights!

 I would like to make a point here that the image of US is degrading day by day. Lets go to facts that people in arab hate America, and russia obviously . Their new rival china have some water disputes plus the sealine disputes . Pakistan is just using their money to train their terrorists who will eventually hit back on them.There’s a reason why America is a global power; it uses the world for its own benefits. If it doesn’t keep good relationship with other countries, and keeps on threatening existing affiliations with such issues, it will perish under lack of global support.  United states government should be a lot fair to all countries who are his allys. End of story.


Posted 4 years ago by Kishlay Singh

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