The Alpha male HullabalooIn this article, I have elucidated the ‘spot-on’ connotation of alpha male, depicting operative steps that can help you pull off your decisive end. I’ve deliberately thrashed out the requisites of becoming alpha male, giving subtle evidence from my personal experiences. I’ve also discussed about Alpha male fabrications—the myths and falsehoods that cloud the firmament of male self-improvement. Then there are the bottom lines!


So ‘what’ actually is an alpha male?

‘Alpha male’ is a blustery subject in the school of seduction; a creature notorious for its ascendancy in the group. There are different alpha males in different genus—alpha males in canines, alpha males in primates, alpha males in apes, in humans, and so on…

All the alpha males share some mannerism peculiar in nature. Dominance is what all of them enjoy; confidence is what all portray. Besides being dominant and confident they are societal too. They owe their traits for being the major predilection of females when it comes to mating.

All alpha males are confident, dominant, committed, and fearless—however— the way those qualities get obvious in different genus differs greatly. In chimpanzees, alpha walks first in procession; and receive reverence through ritualized gestures like bowing. Intimidation is common in alpha males of gorilla community. Eye contact and physical prowess is the monopoly of alpha males of canines. In humans, alpha-male demeanors are much more complex. It is not fair to compare alpha male of Homo sapiens with alpha males of other genus on the criteria of conduct.

All alpha males are successful with women because the later can provide security. It is an evolutionary notion that females tend to seek males who are potential—physically and psychologically. Alpha males are the ones who fulfill their critical obligation.


The Serendipity of my Life

Way back in my formative years, I got infatuated with reading articles about alpha male on internet. I use to Google a lot about it, day and night. From my endeavor, I gathered a lot about them. I learned that alpha-males are the emperor of the seduction estate; alpha males are the ones women hanker after; alpha males are the ones women die for, and much more…

This apprehension perhaps led to the inception of an enthusiastic approach towards research and experimentation, embattled towards becoming that very alpha male who can approach, attract, and seduce girls with ease. While I read many articles about alpha males, I also experimented with my mind and body a lot.

I was expecting a momentous change but the upshot was in divergence with my expectancy. I was able to get a sexy, ripped look but my psyche was still like that of an introvert.

Thing were going at a snail’s pace until one day, a baffling stuff landed at my laptop screen—NLP!

I worked out that the concept of alpha male links tenderly to NLP. To become an alpha male, I had to change my subconscious programming and this was possible only through the deployment of NLP principles outstandingly crafted to serve such objectives. I never bothered to learn about NLP, but I utilized seduction techniques that employed NLP principles as application. As days passed, I started to observe change in myself. The time I spent researching about alpha males didn’t go waste. My mind was continuously being influenced though I was ignorant of it. Reading NLP-based alpha-male resources programmed me subliminally, changed my belief system, my behavior, my outlook, and my way of speaking.

I still remember what sort of guy I was few years ago. I still remember what my English teacher always used to tell me when I was in tenth grade. She used to say that I’m so lean and thin that my ribs can be counted. That was true of her. Then after five years when I visited her, she wasn’t able to identify me. When I introduced myself to her, she went crazy!

Alpha males: BORN or MADE?


It is a common belief that nothing in this world can change your innate behaviors, and that the alpha males are born, not made. This belief plugs impedance in the path of a person tiresome of achieving his goal of becoming alpha male. The truth is it is possible for a person to change the frame of his mind provided he knows how to change it. This way he can make a switch in his personality from beta to alpha, with ease. Using the principles of NLP, you can install new software into your subconscious mind and deletes the ones that are degrading you like viruses. It is a bit difficult task, and requires dedication and capital, but the results are euphoric, and worthwhile.

Your college dudes who get lots and lots of chick never bother about learning to be alpha male, then why should you? Why should you plague your mind with such ‘eccentric’ schema to achieve something that your friends ceaselessly enjoy without endeavor? The answer is camouflaged in the central episode of psychology—‘social conditioning’.

Behavioral amendment workouts that employ the principles of NLP have the efficacy of changing your life as it incorporates changing the way you think, the way you act, the way you talk, the way you carry your body, and the way you discharge your duty—in short—your social conditioning.

What’ll you need to become an alpha male?


Becoming an alpha male requires endeavor.—too much of endeavor. It won’t happen over night for sure. It won’t happen by itself. The natural alpha males you see around yourself are the organic products of years of social conditioning optimized by a stroke of luck.

If you are not an alpha male, you need to become an alpha male through an effective renovation program.

Here I’ve listed every thing that you need to become an alpha male.

  • You will require a channel that would communicate to you the key strategies that helps sustain a healthy life.
  • You will require some ‘underground’ calisthenics that would pledge striking body geometry, epitomizing a real alpha male.
  • You’ll require a hardback that would installs important programming into your subliminal system thereby transforming you into an archetypal alpha male.
  • You’ll require a pioneering approach towards becoming alpha male by explicitly focalizing on achieving immaculate body symmetry through symmetry customization exercises, thus charging yourself with alpha male intricacy.
  • Ultimately, you’ll require a spectrum of subterfuges that would augment you with latest fashion craze that helps attract chicks like crazy.

Remember, whatever channel of self-improvement you follow for becoming alpha male, check that it guarantees turning you into an exiting person with unmatched confidence, and social solidity.

The ‘Alpha Male’ fabrications


You won’t believe what’s going on in the world these days! These days, many pick-up faculties preach false notion of ‘alpha male’ in the school of seduction. They translate ‘alpha’ as aggressive, belligerent, and blank, in human setting. They compare alpha male of human community with that of the brute!

You know, in packs of canines like dogs and wolf, the alpha male is hostile, brutal, and ferocious. He is given the privilege to eat first, mate first, and so on… Does that happen in human setting? Are your college dudes who get lots and lots of chicks resemble a nasty alpha dog? I’m sure they don’t.

Some people have even hurdled the echelon of blasphemy writing e-books with inflated titles and fictitious promos. With the demo version of their e-book, they would convince you that their stuff could help you date fifty women a week, but it’s only after you buy it that you comprehend they have looted you awfully!

Let’s embrace the truth. After you become an alpha male, you’ll get lots and lots of chicks, but they will be the ones belonging to your social niche. Being an alpha male can get you the girl you desire, but she’ll be the one you see around in your college, office, local bars, or the girl next door. Don’t foster false speculation that being alpha male will get you the girls who are way out of league. When you improve your social prominence, the quality of girl you get is also improved.

Stay away from internet fraudsters who prey upon our hard-earned dollars. Internet will surely help you become and alpha male and attract girls like crazy, but you’ve gotta use it sagaciously.

One of the major drawbacks of internet is that it mixes crap with pies! While some sanctioned resources are out there on internet that can help you become alpha male, many of them you come across are futile and embattled towards moneymaking.

Lastly, keep in mind that alpha males are not desperate about getting girls. They have a constructive attitude towards life. They are naturally able to seduce girls through reverse seduction strategy. Girls come as a windfall after alpha males without them having to work for it.

The Alpha Male hullabaloo—Bottom Lines


Here are the bottom lines:

Alpha male of different genus secure their position differently.

While all alpha males of all genus share common qualities like confidence and dominance, the way these qualities become highlighted are different. Alpha-male dogs do this by engaging into brutal fights with its competitors while alpha-male humans do it by being socially stable and important.

The notion that any one can become an alpha male is not illusory.

Any man can become an alpha male provided he sticks to an effectual renovation program. If you are not an innate alpha male, you really need to work very hard.

If you are not an innate alpha male, it’s good news from you.

A person who acquires a skill through endeavor learns to use it with volition. If you acquire alpha male traits through endeavor, you can compete with your innate alpha male contenders with ease because they really don’t care about being alpha.

Phony pick-up pundits may try to ploy you on the way to become alpha male

Many apparently free resources out there present deceitful means of becoming alpha male, so it’s important to be careful on the expedition. Also, be especially careful with exaggerated commercials about alpha males.Stay away from tricksters who try to wolf your money by advocating appalling means of becoming alpha male. You should trust such self-improvement gurus who are prominent in their profession.

Target girls of your social niche rather than dreaming about dating a pixie

Be realistic. Don’t make castles high up in the air. Let your feet be on ground. First, become success full with girls around you, then think about the one who are out of league.

Attracting girls shouldn’t be the only motive of becoming alpha male.

Girls come as a windfall after alpha males so you it's important that you change the notion about alpha males. Become an alpha male to gain social solidity, respect and appreciation rather than having a soul purpose of getting laid.

Internet can be your greatest weapon of self-renovation.

As I already mentioned, Internet can be a panacea for all of your problems. Here you’ll find just everything that’s required for the change. Trust the sites that have been there for a while.

Spend some nights with Google and she’ll help you pull off your decisive end.


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