There are two types of income—active income and passive income.

Most of us are solely dependent on active income to support our family; active income that involves working under a tight schedule, working hard, and, in most cases, working for the boss .

Think what would be the case if you are paid without having to do any work!

Bullsh*t! This is not possible— a scammer's bait perhaps.

But does that mean passive income is bullsh*t?

Think wisely.

If you aspire to be rich, you got to make use of passive income strategies, however, on the way to success there are so many scams: so be aware!

They will never pay you for doing nothing; money is paid for endeavor; money is paid for talent; money is paid for involvement. Forget the 'luring unreality' scammers flash about passive income.In order to earn passively you need initial effort; just like an author who writes a book to earn royalty; just like a real estate dealer who invests to bring in more; just like businessperson who buys stocks and bond through strategic investment to grow money on autopilot. It needs some dedication.The little effort that you initially put is perhaps like buying a hen that lays golden eggs!

A friend of mine has been earning passive income since two years; he wrote a e-book on self-improvement, motivated by the aspiration to become filthy rich! his book was fairly succesful online and still earns him royalties: but it he says was not an easy task to do.

The biggest problem is that you do not feel like starting out because you have uncertainties regarding your venture--

Will I succeed?

I don't have a financial background!

I don't understand bank transactions.

I am so stupid to start real estate business.

There's a lot of competition, and I stand nowhere.

And many more...

If you really want to overcome all these obstacles and achieve what you aspire then I recommend reading an expert's book on the subject; a comprehensive guide that encompass everything, from basics to advanced strategies.

Just one book will be enough to kick start your venture. It will boost your confidence too because you will no longer feel like an amateur.

Posted 6 years, 7 months ago by Kishlay Singh

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