You must have heard about miniature, lens-like object fixed over the cornea for improving vision. These are plastic-like curved lenses that are actually made up of fiberglass and are uses as a surrogate to spectacles. These are the contact lenses.Let us thrash out some essentials of using contact lenses, as they are getting trendy among young generations these days.

If you peep into the well of history, you will find that the issues of contact lenses are at a depth of about hundred years down. It was Leonard who first envisaged about using contact lens in the nineteenth century, however, his aspiration became a veracity only recently with the tribute of accomplishment being given to Sir John F W Herschel who was first to recommend it. Today, contact lenses are not only used under medical conditions but also for the purpose of fashion.

Among some of the common problems of the eye, Myopia stands out as the most common. In America, two out of ten people suffer from near sightedness. Also, it’s this very country where the use of contact lenses is most common. However, there are regions around the world where people avoid using contact lenses due to certain fabrications embedded into their mind. There are many people who have uncertainties regarding the use of contact lens and yet willing to welcome contact lenses into their fashion norms. Authentic information can help resolve the doubts regarding the use of this optical device.

Contact lenses are typically useful to myopic eye in the following three ways---

Firstly, since contact lenses come directly in contact with cornea, minimum stress is produced on the due to reduction of reflection.

Secondly, contact lenses are especially helpful to those with a greater degree of myopia because contrary to the thick glasses these lenses help eliminate effects like ‘prismatic effect’ and ‘oblique vision’.

Thirdly, when there is a great difference in the power of two eyes, the glass can cause irregularity in vision making the user uncomfortable. Contact lenses have proves to be a boon in such a situation.

Besides myopia, there are plethora of other eye disorders where contact lens can help: astigmatism, biopia,  hypermetropia etc... to name a few. A recent research has led to the development of  telescopic contact lenses that would prove very useful in dealing with problems like age-related macular degeneration.

The biggest advantage of using contact lens is that user doesn’t have to carry heavy spectacle on their noses. This has extended the realm of fashion for boys and girls who suffer from certain eye disorders. They can attend all sorts of parties and marriages without any hesitation. Most of the people wear contact lenses for appearing cool and sexy. Most of the television actors wear contact lenses to create special effects in a film. With colorful contact lenses, one can increase their attractiveness and appear more charismatic to the opposite sex!Hence, it can be said that contact lenses have come into the world as a boon for every people.

One of the biggest advantages of using contact lens is that the user actually gets rid of their disorder due to continuous use. This cannot be guaranteed by thick glass spectacles. Over time, the use of glass can worsen the condition of eye making the user fully dependent on it. It can often lead to progression of disorders to a greater degree.

A contact lens once prescribed can be used for a sufficiently long period without having to change its power. It only needs to be taken care of responsibly. Now a days, different types of contact lenses have made their way into the optical stores; some of them are:

  1. Daily disposable contact lens
  2. Monthly disposable
  3. Weekly disposable
  4. Bi weekly disposable
  5. Half-yearly disposable
  6. Yearly disposable

And so on…



However, before getting a contact lens, it’s crucial to get your eyes tested by an optometrist. Even though you’re just using it as a style factor, a qualified optometrist will suggest the best lens for you and teach you how to fit it properly and take care of it so as to avoid damage to the lens and eye infections.

My personal experience says that contact lenses are better as compared to glasses, as it provides better field of vision and more crispiness in image. I’ve been using glasses for two years, but recently switched to contacts. It is cheaper and doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. There’s a myth in India regarding contact lenses that they are costly, but the truth is quite different. A monthly supply of ‘Baush and lomb’ contact lenses cost me around INR 350, not an extravagance for a college-going student like me. So if you’re still stuck in deciding whether to opt for glasses or contacts, I’d suggest the later.  

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