How to become a travel writerThe work of a travel writer is pretty exhilarating. He gets the privilege of getting paid for traveling around and sharing expressions with others through descriptive feature writing. He’s not only good at writing narratives but also at observing things which common people miss out when they travel. Endurance and a perpetual appetite for escapade drive the livelihood of such a personality.

Good writing skill is undeniably necessary for becoming a successful travel writer, for it’s the language that will enable you share to your expressions with your readers. There’s a strong probability that you’re already good at writing (maybe that’s why you’re reading this article), but there’s a difference between writing good articles and writing a travelogue. Travel articles follow a different style than other forms of articles, so it’s imperative to get hold of the basics of travel writing, and sharpen up your existing skills before making an attempt to get hired.

In any form of writing, knowing your target readers is of utmost importance. Because people of all ages and orientations read travelogues, you must decide for which demographic you’d be writing. You may want to write about the nightlife of a place you visited— about the bars, clubs and restaurants; you need to know the audience who visits there— their age group, general interests, orientations etc…And you need to enquire a lot about the place too. If you’re writing about a pilgrimage or religious place, your style and angle of approach will be quite different for much of your readers will seek out strong religious connections. And in case if you’re writing about your visit to a high-tech science laboratory, your way of writing will be quite different than that of the above two forms. When you visit the place you’d be writing about, interview peoples passionately, explore the unexplored, and observe things that common people miss out. 

Travel writing can take different forms. In ‘In shahayadris hills, a lesson in humility’, Sudha murthy, writes about her visit to a tribal village in Western Ghats. The narration is in the form of an autobiographical anecdote that is not targeted towards luring a reader visit it, but carries an element of moral education. Critically, it can be appreciated as a beautiful recount of travel experience that touches the senses through its figurative construct, teaching a lesson of probity in chorus.  In contrast, most travelogues in magazines like femina, vogue etc follows quite a different style of writing.

Features of travel writing bear quite a different aura— a form of copywriting that aims toward entertaining, informing and advertising harmoniously. Often they contain vivid imagery, catchy layouts, and alluring photographs touched and retouched by the hands of Photoshop experts to the point of perfection. It conveys much more than a dry piece of text. Taking up a photography course and building an impressive niche portfolio is worth the dime. It increases your possibility of getting hired by magazines and newspapers, and makes you liable for worthy projects.

Google has countless free resources that will teach you the nitty-gritty of marketing yourself as successful travel writer, and build an irresistible portfolio of industry standards. Portfolio should normally include features about the places you visit. Try to incorporate professionalism in your writing by studying the works of successful travel writers, feel your experience and express it in such a way that anyone who reads it feels the same even if they haven’t visited that place. Test your skills by asking for feedback. Ask your friends to read your features and then to narrate what they felt and perceived. Adjust your style depending upon their feedback in your subsequent articles.

After you prepare a portfolio that’s hard to resist, start advertising your skills by making use of every opportunity that butterflies around you. Approach magazine houses, send out email to editors, and bid at freelancing sites. You’ll soon establish yourself as a successful travel writer.


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