Our subconscious mind has mysterious powers that we’re unaware of; when we unearth those secrets, we become a superhuman capable of achieving anything in life.  In this article, I will reveal one of the numerous powers that subconscious mind swanks of—the power of beliefs.

Suppose there are two friends John and Jake. John is called in a room and asked to write down what he sees outside the window; the window is half open. John leaves and Jake is called in; he is asked to do the same, but this time the window is wide open. The performances of A and B are analyzed. It is found that B had described the scene in a better way— elaborately, accurately and appealingly. Both are correct; but whose performance is better?

In your mind also there is a window—a window through which you perceive the world. Your performance will be better if you perceive the world in a better way, i.e. if your window is wider. Your main motive is 'widening your window; changing the way you perceive the world; changing your model of world. Wider the window, elaborated the view. Wider your model of world, better your performance.

To change your model of the world, you’ll have to reprogram your belief system. When you change your belief, your reality (i.e perception of the world, model of world, whatever you call it) changes . A better reality promotes better thoughts.  Better thought will give rise to better behaviors and action. This indeed makes you a better person; a successful person; a person who can change willfully to adapt and survive; a person who can achieve anything in life. The concept of reality is very twisted to comprehend, but don’t worry, its theoretical realization is not necessary to harness the power of subconscious. When you visit a psychologist for counseling, he solves your problems without making you understand how the techniques work from a psychological perspective, or when you drive a car, you don’t need to understand the functioning of engines from a thermodynamic perspective. The way we present the techniques to people help them harness the power of belief without understanding the concept behind it.

Neurolinguistic programming is a branch of psychology that has many techniques to change, create, and destroy beliefs. One such technique is called ‘NLP belief creator’ which I’ve discussed below. This technique is from one of the best NLP websites on internet and allows you to destroy harmful beliefs that’s causing chaos in your life and replace them with constructive ones.

NLP belief Creator technique( www.planetnlp.com)


Think of something that you sincerely believe. This does not need to be something important, in fact something trivial such as the belief that you can breathe, or some other trivial but undeniable belief is best.

Now think of that belief and notice that when you think of the belief you visualize something related to that belief.Notice where in space that image is positioned.

Is it to the right? to the left? And how far away?

Do you say anything in your head, or hear any sounds that tell you that this is a belief?

If so make a note of them.

Now think about something completely different for a moment, maybe the weather, your last bank statement...

Anything really.

Perhaps you could just let your mind go blank.


Now think of something that you are unsure as to whether it's true or false.

In fact pick something that you don't really care about either way.

For instance, I don't know if gold is denser than silver, and it certainly doesn't have a particularly major effect on my life either way. Perhaps you don't know whether big foot exists or not.

Now think of this idea and as before notice that when you think of it you visualize something related to that idea.

Notice where in space that image is positioned.

Is it to the right? to the left? And how far away?


So now that you have two image positions, think of the belief you wish to create, and notice where that image is.

Now you need to move the image firstly into the same position as the 'don't care' belief, and then into the 'belief' position.

If there were any internal sounds connected to the belief, repeat them in your head when you position the image into the 'belief' position.

There are a couple of things that may make this difficult and these are as follows:

1) The image will not move from the left to the right or visa versa. In other words the image won't move across your mid line.

This seems to be a general problem.

The way around this is to move the image into the center, way off in the distance so it almost vanishes and then pull it towards you and into the second position. Do this as fast as possible.

2) The image moves back to it's original position.

There are a number of ways to solve this.

  • When you move the image make a sound in your head to swish the image into the new position
  • Imagine a sucker on the back of the image and stick it in place
  • Nail it in place
  • Imagine a series of locks to hold it in place
  • Think of any way you could hold the image in place in the real world and imagine it

Once you have the image in the correct place, make sure that it is the same size as the original.


Think of something completely different.

Let your mind go blank again, and then think of the new belief.

How do you feel about it now?

Does it have the correct position and size?

Did you hear the internal dialogue that tells you that it's true?

If not, go back and run through the steps again.

You want to change something because you don't like it. But do know your faulty believes are responsible for your failures and unhappiness. The only way to change an unpleasant situation is to change the  unwanted, deleterious beliefs that are causing it. Believing that you can learn new skills easily and effortlessly is a useful belief to create. Believing that you are not successful with women because you are unworthy is a useless belief and should be eliminated. The above technique shows how you can delete the unwanted beliefs to effect a positive change. There are myriads of other techniques that can help you create new beliefs, change your reality, create new skills, and eliminate phobias, improve social skills, deal with depression and loneliness, and transform yourself in desired way.

 We are more than our conscious mind. Don’t ignore it’s power! A laser light in a dark room highlights only a point on the wall. That illuminated part is the conscious mind. But the rest of dark room is subconscious mind which is mysterious. It can do unusual things for us. Our potentialities are no less than a super human’s is. We just need to hunt it out from the sea of subconscious.

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