Doing a task requires motivation. Unless and until you feel the need to do something, you can’t gather the motivation required to accomplish a task. The case is no different with blogging. To become a successful blogger you need to first create the motivation required to launch your site, and then maintain a threshold level of motivation through out to ensure a perpetual in-flow of contents. Failing to do so will lead to collapse of your blogging enterprise altogether. Here are certain suggestion that will help get motivated to start a blog and then continue posting passionately.

Become a virtuous blogger

You can excel at something that you’re good at. When you start blogging, make use of your talents to the fullest. The kind of blog you want to create depends upon the type of talent you possess. Become a virtuous blogger. When you put your virtues at work, nothing can stop you from attaining your goal. Speed is the virtue of horse. Flexibility is the virtue of gymnasts. Find out your own virtue and use it to create a quality blog. Doing things virtuously keeps you motivated and prevents bankruptcy of ideas.

Make sure your primary needs are fulfilled

There’s a motive behind everything you do in life, and it applies to blogging too. Suppose a person likes to go fishing every Sunday. However, he’s in a financial crisis and finds out that working on Sundays can earn him significantly more to support his family. Since, the later is more important to him, he’d prefer to work on Sundays and compromise with fishing hobby. However, if he finds another way to increase his  income so as to support his family satisfactorily, he’ll be able to go fishing every Sunday and enjoy life. As a blogger, you need to ensure that your primary needs are fulfilled before you embark on your journey of blogging.

Join blogging communities

It’s better to be in touch with people who share common interests with you than embark on a journey all alone. You many not find bloggers in your house, or in your neighborhood, and this make you feel out of the world inducing a sense of loneliness. That’s where blogging community comes into help. Many online blogging communities welcome bloggers and encourage their work. They give you a platform to have your works judged and appreciated by fellow bloggers. Keeping in touch with like-minded people enables you to stay motivated and focused.

Blog your passion out

 Identify what defines you. Are you good at cooking? What about starting a food blog? Are you gifted with the ability to write figuratively, a literary blog may be your thing then. If you’ve got a passion for photography, it’s better to go along with a photography blog, and so on… Blogging just for the purpose of earning money will never help you become a successful blogger. You need to identify what you’re interested in, and then channel your passion into your blog.

The above-mentioned suggestions are rarely seen on sites that teach the ABC of blogging. They only tend to provide technical knowledge of blogging related to making money through ad-sense, showing up on search engines, promoting a blog on social media etc… But Getting technical knowledge is not enough to turn a infant blog into a money earning adult. You need something more. You must prepare yourself at a psychological level and become motivated to blog. Use the equation of success, Performance=Ability * Motivation. Suppose you have all the ability that’s required for blogging, but your motivation is zero, then performance will altogether equate to zero. This is where the above mentioned suggestions come in handy.


Posted 4 years ago by Kishlay Singh

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