In an age where feminists are keen on promoting male-female egalitarianism, a hurdle seems to have born in the media industry—Honey Singh. With a huge fan base in India and abroad, this guy has stringed the youth along to a different age—an age where females are objectified as a mere s*x items; an age where the only purpose of life is to satisfy oneself without caring about others . An alleged misogynist and s*xiest, Honey Singh, with such a huge youth fan base is giving nightmares to the feminist watchdogs.

Mr. Singh is undeniably a controversial figure in media industry: a talented pervert, as many people would call him. His songs often carry themes of misogyny (hatred towards woman), perversion, s*xism, assault, and racism. Though I’m not much into listening his, the so-called, ‘hedonistic’ songs, one day I was tempted to taste this hot potato, only to be taken aback at the degree of perversion that his songs portray. The way the talks about ‘beating a girl with shoes after having s*x with her’ in his song called ‘Choot’, (meaning vagina in English), projects him as a kind of person who’s has hurdled the echelon of misogyny.  His songs indisputably reveal his hatred towards the XX chromosome.

Mr. Singh alleges that the critics are barking up at the wrong tree claiming that he’s never written such songs. Well, Mr Singh no matter how much you try to defend your innocence, there’s no speculation that even some of your ‘normal’ songs are ethically distorted and carries no spark of decency.

Apart from the feminists, Mr. Singh’s songs have turned out to be a can of worms for Heath clubs and NGOs that create awareness about substance abuse. His songs promotes binge drinking and perverted socializations where both s*xes indulge into late night partying and alcoholism—something that Indian parents won’t feel proud of. He’s breaking the youth into believing that ‘Life is short, so drink, do drugs, treat women as s*x-dolls, and don’t give a damn about culture and tradition. Such type of conditioning will only spoil the youth, making them morally deficient.

Whenever there’s a case of rape in our country, we see flocks of infuriated youths coming out on streets with banners and posters reading ‘SHOW RESPECT TO WOMEN’. A good proportion of the crowd would probably be a fan of Honey Singh despite the controversies surrounding his career. We can say that the youths who admire a misogynist are also the one who come out on streets to protect the dignity of women—this is the irony of Indian mentality at its full swing. India is being westernized rapidly under the influence of media. One positive effect of westernization is that it promotes male-female egalitarianism. Nevertheless, the age-old attitudes of misogyny have made a comeback with artists such as Honey Singh holding aces in the media industry.

Posted 4 years ago by Kishlay Singh

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