Sex and the city- Inside Bangalore's nightclubsBangalore, the city of pubs, has earned notoriety over the last few years. The nightclub business is flourishing in the metropolis like never before. A supposedly good place to hang out after a grueling day’s work, the nightclubs means more to city dwellers than just a place to socialize and shed off the fatigue.

A sting carried out by the ‘Suvarna News Channel’ busted the prostitution racket functioning illicitly in Bangalore shakers—a Hi-tech ‘Nightclub cum dance bar’ in RT nagar. Following the home minister K.J George’s direction, several raids were conducted across the city with special focus on areas like majestic, Gandhinagar, Kalashipalya and other principal business hubs. The operations carried out by local news media in several discotheques throughout Bangalore unearthed the hideous face of s*x trade that’s on an exponential rise in the capital.

Majority of the s*x workers operating in the nightclubs are college-going girls struggling to earn money either to pay off their fees or espouse a lavish lifestyle. After all, there’s real money in trading one’s body and Bangalore is increasingly becoming a promising s*x market to uphold such ventures. A ban on the profession of bar dancing led to around 45000 bar girls turning to prostitution for a livelihood. Many struggling models and homemakers also labor as part-time s*x workers to bring in some easy bucks.

Nightclubs are not the only place to be blamed. Quite a lot of prostitution rings run outside the club through internet and cell phones. There’s been a new kind of prostitution called ‘Mobile Prostitution’ that runs in four wheelers! Much of the generated notoriety regarding nightclubs results from the forged information distributed via internet. While it’s true that prostitution is flourishing in Bangalore like never before, it’s carried out covertly in many places, not just nightclubs.

Nightclubs are still a good hangout place where you can go and have fun after a grueling day’s work. But be aware as you may fall victim to the charm of a s*x-worker who’s working her a*s off to seduce you while you’re intoxicated with alcohol and the loud, entrancing DJ music; it may be too late for you to get out of the ambush. Prostitutes are everywhere in the city these days and it’s become too easy for them to ensnare a stranger and turn them into potential customers, thanks to the growing nightlife culture of Bangalore. There have been cases of pretty ladies, apparently decent, walking up to strangers in nightclubs, playing the game of seduction to get a customer for the night.

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