Narednra Modi undoubtly have the biggest fan following in E-India. He have a large followers in Twitter and facebook.

No doubt Rahul Gandhi is not even closer to Modi's achievements. He lacks intellectual intelligence and have not done anything recognisable.

The only achievement Rahul Gandhi have is his surname. Infact if we quote Mr. Ramjeth malani, Rahul is not at all intrested in running as prime minsterial race. But its his mother who want to make him PM.

Coming to Modi,Narendra Modi is very much followed by Media, youth and specially the urban youth. His political rallies have the highest number of visitors. And ofcourse he is the only leader who can  pull a crowd even after charging them to listen him.

But i believe Modi should speak less!!! He is a notable man and we believe his capabilites but if you heard him at Patana rally, he made some factual mistakes in his speech.

No doubt Modi is the most prefered and suitable candidate for biggest post. But he should now act like he is on the post. People love to listen him because of his intellectual and factual speaking, he should take care the incident of Patna rally is not repeated, otherwise Feku title may be more exploited by congress leaders like Digvijay Singh.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Bada Mouth

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