Narendra Modi, the Superhero of General Elections 2014 is all set to rule the country as he wants. The clear mandate for Narendra Modi and allied parties represents the mood of nation. The expectations are high and Modi has to perform and take bold decisions to meet the expectations of people.

Narendra Modi-The greatest hope for Economic revival of CountryImage source: Internet

Tough decisions by Modi are required to fast-track economic growth. BJP got a clear mandate; Modi needs to take bold decisions to revive the economic condition of India.

Hopes of Oil and Gas Industry

Approval for domestic gas price hike

Quicker approvals for exploration and production

Continuing with diesel price hike

Hopes of Steel Industry

Additional restrictions on iron ore exports

Demand creation through infrastructure push

Hopes of Automobile Industry

Reduction of import taxes on components and completely knocked down vehicles

Incentives for localization of inputs

Hopes of Banking Industry from Modi Government

Reduce government stake in Public Sector Banks

Reduce SLR

Permission to issue tax free bonds

Hopes of Infrastructure and Power industry

Shield the power sector from a proposed hike in gas prices

Development of industrial and height corridors

Streamlined project clearance for faster execution

 Real Estate Sector

Sector regulator to speed up approvals

Transparency through electronic record keeping

Favorable home loan rates

Agriculture Sector

Deregulation of Urea Industry

Favorable Policy to spur investment in fertilizers

On Friday votes were counted, Sensex and Nifty had the life time high. Sensex crossed 25000 mark and Nifty touched 7500. Buying by foreign investors was high, but domestic investor booked the profits. Indian Stock markets are expected to touch all time high and by December the target for Sensex is 30,000.

Foreign institutional Investors are bullish on Indian stock markets. Companies which were associated with donations to BJP, are the biggest gainers in election rally. Reliance Industries, Adani Enterprises made big gains.

Since 1984, it’s the first time that a single party won the seats required to form a government. BJP have the enough number to pass any bill that it wants. Modi is all free to take the decisions and pass the bills he thinks will benefit the country.

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