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The swarming crows of common citizens, infuriated by the ten years of seemingly perpetual congress rule, celebrating on the streets and chanting ‘Modi ji ki Jai ho’ are—at the end of the day—well, common citizens. They’re the sheep who tend to head where the media-conditioned political propaganda leads them. Innocent peoples they are, optimistic about life, and typically credulous I should say…Not to mention, enthusiastic and high-spirited.

They are enthusiastic, yes! And this enthusiasm tends to become evident every so often, every now and then; enthusiasm that’s spreads like virus affecting peoples in exponential proportions; enthusiasm that attracts media attention, and the attention of government.

On 5 April 2011, the country saw a surge of hopeful enthusiasts who join hands and gathered at Jantar Mantar to support the campaign of a great visionary, Anna Hazare. A man who tends to follow Gandhian principle of nonviolence to get what he wants…(while Gandhi ji got what he wanted from British through his swag, maybe Anna needs to do some more homework; or maybe congress is more determined than British…who knows). Like weekend parties, ‘Anshan’ followed everyday or the other. With such a huge flock of enthusiasts supporting the indefinite hunger strike , to get a stringent anti-corruption bill—the lokpal bill enacted and enforced, Anna would have never dreamt of being left all alone one day with his non-violent concept of making India corruption free!

 The enthusiasm died in the absence of any positive reinforcement from the central government. The hope collapsed in dearth of any enthusiast to reign over.

And then on one fine day, another wave of enthusiasts surged up, a counter wave perhaps that tend to dismiss Anna’s principle of ‘political abstinence’, and accepted Kejriwal's  ‘political indulgement’ as a hopeful solution towards a corruption free world. The power of enthusiasm was so strong that it culminated kejriwal to a repute that paved way for him to the chief minister’s throne. In a single night, Kejriwal became a national hero, a harbinger of hope, a messiah who was ought to liberate the nation form the contemporary hitches. However, this enthusiasm too died when people realized that kejriwal couldn’t do anything while he is a chief-minister, and that—to abide by his promises—he must be made the prime minister of India.(Guess how Modi did so much for Gujarat as a CM).

Today a new wave of enthusiasm is born. People are rejoicing over the victory of Narendra Modi, the optimistic people of India who never give up hope (and are prone to media conditioning, don’t forget). The same enthusiastic people who dethroned BJP and welcomed congress some ten years back hoping for change. Modi has emerged as a new national hero to the enthusiastic, optimistic people of India.  While the nation is hoping about the miracles our new national hero will make in the next five years, I’m set to thinking: Who’d be the next ‘hope’ to rule over the enthusiasts!

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago by Kishlay Singh

What keeps a country moving is the hope of its people. Narendra Modi, is the biggest hope for survival of economy of country.
Corruption, i feel will be controlled at departments controlled by central government.
Hope something at state level is implemented by Modi to control the corruption at state level too.
Modi has put the hope and positive life in citizens.

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

Pulkit..u are genuinely right...however, as a student of psychology, i find it quite surprising that how people change their hero so frequently. As far as Modi Ji is concerned, I am neutral towards him...and he will earn my genuine respect only if he brings 'astounding' developments in the state of Bihar--where I was born and brought up for most of the time...

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago by Kishlay Singh

Bihar was the most developed and intellectual capital of ancient India.
Lalu government took Bihar 100 years back.
One good thing is that BJP has emerged as biggest party in Bihar and soon we will see BJP government in Bihar, Central and state both ruling parties will be BJP.
Bihar has a good future.

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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