People in Andhra Pradesh are slowly coming out of Agitations and Bandhs mood. Issue of Telangana has finally come to an end after a long struggle of nearly 60 years. Even though the Telangana demand was present from a long time, it became a serious issue after the demise of former chief minister Dr. Rajashekhar reddy who has been a strong supporter of united Andhra Pradesh. Suddenly many politicians from Telangana raised their voice after the death of YSR. Adding to that at the same time the situation of congress party around the whole country and in the state was very pathetic. Jagan Mohan Reddy S/O Rajashekhar reddy revolted against congress party for not offering him a chief minister post and established a new party named as YSR Congress which badly damaged the roots of Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh. This decision made congress party even worse in the state. So, in order to get consider amount of seats in Andhra Pradesh without any proper plan of action congress party brutally separated the state in a quick hurry and went for elections thinking of getting at least 15 MP seats from Andhra Pradesh.


In Return Congress Party was slapped hard by the people of Andhra Pradesh by offering them just 2 MP seats in Telangana and 0 in Andhra Pradesh. Pink panther (TRS Party) roared in the Telangana state for their continuous struggle to get Separate state. Without any second thought people gave a full mandate to Telangana Rashtra Samithi by giving them 11 out of 17 MP seats in Telangana. Coming to Andhra Pradesh politics people were left with only two options one TDP and another one YSRCP. Since the Congress party separated the state against the seemandhra (*Andhra Pradesh without Telangana) people wish they ruled out of the contest before the elections itself. So in choosing these two leaders I think people made a right choice by electing Chandra Babu Naidu known as CBN as their chief minister for the newly formed state. CBN has a very success track record of developing state during his tenure of 9 years while on the other side Jagan Mohan Reddy spent a one long year term in central jail during investigation by CBI. So, people of Andhra pradesh kept their faith in proven leader rather than giving a chance to new one.Under the leadership of CBN Telugu Desam Party secured 104/179 MLA and 15 MP seats in seemandra region. So New Era has started in the two newly formed states. Let’s hope for the best! 

Posted 3 years, 4 months ago by siva krishna

Finally people are serious about development and development politics. Congress was using peoples. Congress party used same tactics of divide and rule but failed.<br><br>Good lesson for Congress.<br>Now hope that Telangana progress like other states or atleast upto the level of remaining AP.

Posted 3 years, 4 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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