Every businessman on this earth wants to spread the name of business. It’s a dream of every businessman to spread name of business to a large geographical area. From a long time various advertisement medium were available for ex: Newspaper, TV, Radio etc.

But the latest improvements in technologies have changed the way one advertise their business. One of the most effective and best marketing medium evolved and it is called ONLINE MARKETING.

There are different ways to market your business or services online. You can use Cost per Click campaigns from Google or advertise directly on Facebook. You can always advertise your business either for free or by paying.

Advertising with Google or Facebook (Social media market), you need to pay. However there are many free ways to market your business.

One of the best ways is to market your business using the Classifieds websites. Advertising with classifieds website is very simple and cost free. Some classifieds websites charge if you want your ad to appear on top.

Here is a guide on how to choose the classifieds websites and posting your online advertisement to advertise your Business/Services:

  1. Niche: Google the different classifieds website that provide listing facility of your business. First preference should be given based on niche of your business. For example: If you deal in selling of used cars, first list your business with classifieds websites exclusively meant for your business.

  2. Reliability: Second preference should be given to reliability of website on which you are going to publish your advertisement. Always choose a site which has a good public image. Never choose based on how famous it is. It is very easy to fool Google for some time and get the top spot in results but that does not stay for long. Craigslist in USA is still the top classified website due to its reliability.

  3. Google: If the site on which your will your ad does not appear in google search then posting on site is of no use. However this does not apply to the sites which are already famous and gets direct visitors. Google penalize the site which use unethical techniques to get top spot in google search. It is always better to search the name of classified on google before you post your advertisement.

  4. Terms and Conditions of Classifieds website: Before you post an advertisement on free classifieds website read the terms and conditions of the site. Read carefully what the site may do with the data they collect from advertisers. It is also important to post your ad after reading the terms and conditions, you may miss something which site requires from you. If your ad does not abide by the terms and conditions of site, site may not publish your advertisement. Even if ad is published site may delete it.

  5. Sign up: Most of the classifieds websites allow their users to post ads without registration. However almost all sites have the registration option and its advised to always register before posting the advertisement. If you register before listing your business/services, you can edit it anytime.

  6. Correct data: Before submitting the details of your advertisement always double check them. The users searching for products/services you sell will contact you first through the ad you posted. First impression matters a lot. Give the correct and accurate data. Fill correct address, location and pin code, most of the classifieds filters the search results based on this data.
  7. Image: If you have browsed classifieds websites, you can see that some of the websites have the option to filter ads with photos. It is always better to upload picture of your logo or product while posting the advertisement.

  8. Details of your business/Services: Every site has an option to write about your business/profession, never copy and paste the data here. Write about your business/profession with full details, longer the description higher the chance of your ad appearing on top.

  9. Social Media Sharing: Once your ad is live on site, always share your ad with your friends, relatives and others whom you know. Sharing your ad on social media will increase the visibility of your advertisement. Get the reviews of your business/services from your customers.

  10. Updates: Listing your business is not enough, you to keep it up to date. Keep looking at your listing from time to time and any changes, edit your listing.

I hope these tips will help you in listing your business on classifieds websites. Tikshare also have a classified section, where you can list your business/services. Tikshare classifieds is spam free and does not allow any spam advertisement. Each and every listing is checked before making it live. You can post your advertisement by click on the link provided on top.

Posted 3 years ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

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