This was the first major visit undertaken by the Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi after becoming the Prime Minister of India. Modi's visit to the US is one of the most unusual and remarkable visits undertaken by any Indian Prime Minister. The old fashioned visit was replaced by rocking visit done by Modi's address in the Madison Square Garden. Modi interacted with many people ranging from common man to the CEO, political and civil leaders, administrators, visionaries and host of other dignitaries. The bilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama has put the Indo US relationship on a higher trajectory. Both the leaders have stressed the need to have the planned partnership between two nations can lead to stability growth and development. The activity crucial to this vision is the defense cooperation between New Delhi and Washington. The decision to cooperate closely on the issue of counter terrorism is vital for the growth of Modi-Obama administration.  

This meeting is crucial taking into account the innumerable security threats affecting the Indo US interest in South Asia. Many international terror groups like the ISIS; Al-Qaida has the power to destroy world peace. According to sources, Al Qaida has started recruiting people in the subcontinent to create havoc in south Asia. There is a terror threat coming from Afghanistan, even though a new government has come to picture and signed a security agreement with USA for bolstering its armed forces, Afghan security forces are not efficient in toppling Taliban insurgency on their own. 

Modi has urged president Obama not to make the same mistake it has done by pulling out the troops from Iraq by pulling out the troops from Afghanistan. This move highlights the request put forth by New Delhi towards Washington to be very concerned about the security and terror threats. Terrorism bred and grown in Pakistan also came under the scanner and both sides stressed the need to dismantle terror groups like the Lashkar E Taiba, Hizbul Mujahidin, Jaish-e-Muhammad and other terrorist groups. 

Modi has invited many defense firms to manufacture in India and this would encourage US to set up many American style military complexes required to lift the sagging state of Indian defense. New Delhi will have to put in place a favorable policy framework to woo US. Modi also played a vital role in wooing NRI's in US to invest in India. The visit was very symbolic and both the leaders took a stroll around Martin Luther King Memorial in New York, offering prayers at the 9/11 memorial, taking part in the clean sanitation drive in the USA, reaching the international NGO community at the Global Citizen Festival in New York Central Park. All these moves were considered very different in image tone and style.

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