Every site owner wants to make money from his website. Direct advertising is most profitable but it is not very easy to get direct advertisements on your site unless you really own a big website.

There are many websites and bloggers who earn money from their websites by using ad networks.

How ad-networks work

You can earn money by displaying advertisements on your site. There are 2 main ways by which you earn. One is Pay per Click (PPC), you earn when someone clicks on your advertisement. Another is Pay per View, in this you earn money based on impressions your ad gets.

Here is the list of top Ad-Networks available for small and big websites to monetize the websites.

Google Adsense

Google adsense is the best Pay per click ad network available as of now. Adsense is the most premium network and you can make really serious money with adsense.

However, it is equally difficult to join the program. Google has policies which govern the inclusion of your site in its monetizing program.

If you own a website with unique content and your website follows the policies of Google, it is not difficult to join the program.

Adsense pays you for clicks and views. Adsense can generate good revenue if your users are mainly from USA, UK and Canada or other developed countries.


Infolinks is the leader of inline link advertisements. Infolinks ads are not like adsense ads. Infolinks puts a link in the text of site and if mouse is hovered on link, you earn.


Chitika is similar to adsense, they pay for per click. Chitika mainly targets the search traffic of your website.

Chitika works well with USA, UK and Canada traffic.


This ad network is owned by Bing and Yahoo. You need to have big traffic to get approval from this ad network.

Like other ad-network, media.net works well if you have traffic from developed countries.

Tribal Fusion

This network is with one of the highest CPC. It provides better return compared to Infolinks, Chitika and media.net.

 You need to have minimum 5, 00,000 visitors every month to monetize your site with them.

Your earnings from these ad-networks depend mostly on your visitors, source of traffic and region of traffic.

Generally websites with users from developed countries earn more compared to site getting traffic from developing countries. Earnings also differ based on the sessions of a year. For example during budget period sites having financial related content will get more visitors and earning goes up.

Sites using these ad-networks to monetize have to follow strict policies. Ad networks may block your site without warning if they find any content on your site which violates the terms and conditions.

Which network is best of Indian traffic?

When it comes to Indian traffic, nothing can beat adsense. Chitika is never advised, since the pay is very less. Adsense pays sometime at par with USA visitors.

Infolinks is another option if you don’t have adsense approval. Infolinks cannot match the adsense, but it is better than Chitika.

Media.net is not as effective as adsense. Tribal Fusion is another good option, if you get accepted by their network.

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