Coconut oil is an integral part of our daily life. In Indian culture coconut is given lot of importance. This oil has got lot of advantages over other oils. In the vedas it is considered a great source of medicine. This oil is used to fight skin disorders like psoriasis and dermatitie, helps to moisturise the hair and skin, avoid dandruff and wrinkles. Coconut oil has got many uses. Some of the uses of the Coconut oil are given below as follows:

Moisturizes the Skin: Coconut oil is a major ingredient used in a body lotion and will make your arms and legs very smooth. It is a great moisturizer and helps to hyderate the skin. You need to take a few drops and rub it on your body. The magic of coconut oil will be there all day long.

Body Scrub: The Coconut oil plays a vital role in having a polished, glowing, radiant and moisturized skin. This mixture will destroy dead skin cells and also leave you with good looking skin.

Deep Conditioner: The Coconut oil comes with amazing conditioning capabilities and is ideal for hair growth. It prevents hair fall and penetrates the hair. The hair will not only be silky but also shiny too.

Make Up Remover: The Coconut oil is one of the ideal ingredient to remove the make up. It glides on smooth skin and removes the make up, and gives beauty to your eye and avoids dryness and irrirations. You need to apply a small amount of Coconut Oil onto a cotton ball. Swipe the cotton ball over the make up.

Foot Softener: In winter it is next to impossible to keep your feet soft and smooth. Please do not worry as the Coconut Oil is the ideal medicine for you. Massage some Coconut oil into your feet and put the socks. After a few hours, take the socks and you will feel like you are comming out of a spa.



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