The confrontation between India and Pakistan has been a yawn. The peace process has lead to lot of activities in six decades of no improvement with both sides showing no signs of remorse. India has come out of partiton in a positive manner and now is a vibrant and tough nation. Pakistan is in search of its national identity. It always gathers pleasure in embarassing India in international conferences and opposing its growth and development.

Pakistan has been ruled by its army for more than 40 years. There has been many tensions with India since the partition in 1947. After the dealy 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, the exchange of firing has been regular and powerful. Earlier the exchange of firing was only during summer months, however now the exchange of fire has been regular targetting animals, civilians, childrens and others.

ROAD TO PEACE FULL OF THORNS : Ever since PM Narendra Modi has taken over the reigns of the nation, the Pakistan Army, Rangers, ISI, the rogue establishment masterminding the terror attacks on Indian soils is using the firing as the cover to Infiltrate the militants into India. It has been testing the resolve of the new government, while simultaneously undermining Pak PM Nawaz Sherieff and destroying any roads to be built towards peace process. It is very ironical that the government wants peace while the Army wants to destroy everything. One of the army official of Pak Army said "Hum peace process to piece piece kar denge". Any time government of pakistan take a step to normalize the relation between India and Pakistan, the effort is destroyed by its own army masterminding deadly attacks, providing training to militants, undertaking suicide terror strikes on both Indian and Pak soil.  The Pak Army with the help of ISI carried out deadly attack on the Indian consulate in Herat in Afghanistan, hoping to take some Indians as hostages. The plan did not work as the Indian security guards at the consulate killed all the attackers. People like Hafez sayeed is the darling of Pak Army. Some of the agencies like the Lashkar E Toiba, Haqqani, Jaish E Mohammed are its major beneficieries. ISI is searching new tools to bleed India and could be using the network of Al Qaida and its former chief Ayaman Al Zawahiri to plan more deadly strikes against India.

PAKISTAN'S INTERNAL STRIFE: Pakistan is also a victiim of terrorist activities. The weapons of terrorism created by Pakistan is hitting Pakistan itself. Army in many situations, has dictated terms to the Government and destroyed the government in many ways. The mullah and ulemaas have nurtured the forces of Jehad and fathered many terrorist organisation like the Lashkar E Taiba, Jaish E Muhammed and other terror group. Pak Pm Mr. Nawaz Sheriff and Indian PM Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi come from the political right and enjoy good parliamentary majority. Both leaders are business oriented and concentrating on financial growth. However the Pakistan Army is not interested in allowing normalizing of the relations between two nations and wants war at any cost. Pakistan also harps the work of K--Kashmir whenever it is in domestic trouble, so as to divert the attention of the people in national and international seminar.

BULLET FOR BULLET RESPONSE: Indian Pm has always gone ahead and stressed on peaceful talks. This can be understood with the fact that there was no real response from India on the Herat attack and the border shootings. Mr. Modi stressed that face that Indian Army has right to defend its areas when attacked, and he ordered Armed forces to retaliate when required. Army retaliated this time and Pak ranges were shocked at the turn of events. Modi then said, " Pakistan has been taught a befitting lesson." Modi is no Manmohan singh who was silent even when the beheading of the Indian soldiers were going on He is a powerful and dynamic leader who believed in giving respect back to India, which has been missing for years. Modi has said that Indias response to the Pak strategy of Inflicting thousand cuts will not be with bandages but with armed retaliation untill Pak lays down arms and come to the negotaition table.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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