Canada and Canadians are known for peace and tranquility. They believe in mutual exchange of skills and thoughts. However their thoughts and democratic process were taken a terrible hit when their symbol of democracy -- parliament of Canada were attacked by some terrorist. It has been described by many as the end of canadian innocence. The nation has a history of terror comming from various quarters since 1970's. In the year 1970 the Quebec Liberation Front kidnapped a British diplomat and Canadian labour minister and kept them for a periof of two months. This also saw the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau send the Canadian army into Quebec and suspend the civil liberties. FLQ a terrorist organisation in the 80's set off a bomb in the stock exchange in the city of Montreal. Canadians were witness to their worst aviation disaster in the year 1985, when Kanishka, An Air India plane which took off from montreal exploded in mid air killing all the 350 people on board, most of them Canadians and Indians. The investigation led to the involvement of the Khalistan based group known as the Babbar Khalsa International BBI, sponsored and nurtured by Pakistan. The latest gun attack on the house of commons in which a single gunman slipped into the thinly guarded Parliament building and opened fire after killing a security guard speak volumes of the tentacles of the terrorist and the terrorist group. They are like Parthenium plant which can grow anywhere and any place. It also reminded the Canadians of the terror attack in the year 1984, when an angry soldier killed three members of parliament in the Quebec National Assembly in the year 1984. Though the motive of the gunman is not clear, Canada is nervous because in Montreal, two soldiers of the Canadian Guard were run over by a vehicle supposed to be driven by the person belonging to the Jihadi groups. The major reason behind the terror attacks is linked to the elections to be held in Canada next month and Canada's decision to join the US led military strikes against the ISIS (Islamic State of Iran and Syria). Canada has become more security conscious. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has described the Wednesday's attack on Canadian soil as a cowardly act and his country will not be intimidated. Mr. Harper was speaking a day after the deadly terror attack and stressed on a powerful anti terrorism laws. There was introduction of new legislation giving more powers to the people and Security agencies to report and counter the terror attacks. Muslims in Canada will be monitored on a regular basis after the latest terrorist attack. Canada is thinking of tightening its intenational borders.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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