This is a very strange disease making waves in Africa and rest of the world. It started in West African state of Liberia and later spread to Nigeria, Lagos and other nations. The deadly virus is responsible for the death of many people. Most of the people are illitrate and not interested in healthy lifestyle. There is a large slum population similar to cities like Mumbai, Delhi and many in south american continent. Lack of healthcare and good infrastructure has led to the growth of Ebola Virus. Nigeria was quick to respond to the effect of Ebola virus and took effective steps to eradicate them. WHO (World Health Organization) has declared Nigeria "Ebola Free" on October 20, 2014. This should be a stepping stone and inspiration for other nationsl that Ebola Virus can be curbed. Countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ebola virus is still out of control and claiming many people's lives. The key to eradicate Ebola lies in quickly identifiying the people and monitoring the people having this Virus. Nigeria utilised trained personnel, advanced technologies from the US to control Ebola outbreaks. 20 confirmed cases of Ebola was eradicated immediately after detection.

India also got the shock of the lifetime , when some cases of Ebola were reported due to the frequent travel of the African tourists to India. They carried out a nationwide Ebola Eradication Drive and posted the health inspectors at all national and international airports to over this problem. The people were made part of this drive and proper steps were taken to detect and stamp out the Ebola Virus. Awareneww programs were introduced by the government and the non governmental organisations in the form of Catalogs, Marathons, Pamplets, Booklets, TV Ads, Radio Ads and Dramas to make people aware of the consequences of the Ebola Virus.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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