Brazil saw a new face in the political field with the rise of Ms. Dilma Roussef for the second consecutive term on sunday stressed on the fact that a statesman can hold the position for a longer period of time. There has been many instances in which a head of state can hold the office for longer spells. Examples would be like Jyothi Basu in West Bengal, Fidel Castrol in Cuba, Barack Obama in USA and others. The leaders in Latin America has got the vision and there is no anti incumbancy factor present. The verdict received by Mrs. Dilma Roussef highlights the power of the leftist protection programmes undertaken by the left parties in Brazilian history. This landslide victory endorses the power given by the Brazilian lower middle class and people below the poverty line who are agitated with the entire systems.

The first round of elections in Brazil was very unique and it was the role of popular environmentalist Marina Silva who defied all the predictions done by the political gurus. Mrs Roussef also defeated Aecio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (BSDP) into the race towards Brazil's presidency. In the run off to the elections Mr Neves came within approx two percentage points of the winning margin. The ripples which Mr. Roussef party received over the scandals and corruption did little to destroy the pro poor image of the party. The state of the Brazilian economy is going through a period of transition, with no growth and development visible on the ground. The balancing act would be to retain the support of her constituency and formulate the policies to obtain the macro economic stability and growth. Miss Dilma Rousself was very honest and agreed to the fact that the state owned company known as Petrobas, functioning was not transparent. She stressed on the fact that the greater transparencyis the need of the hour in ensuring Brazil's economic growth and development. Most of the latin american leaders have got strong egalitarian thrust. These leaders will play a vital role in safeguarding their values and preventing the erosion of basic institution.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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