China is fast becomming the military economic and sports powerhouse of Asia. China has risen to a great extend ever since it ousted the Kuomintant out of power and embraced communism. Most of the products comes with the  vision of Assembled in China, however majority of the products would be made in Japan China or Europe. Chinese labourers are considered very energetic and known for great vision. Most of the chinese companies are considered innovative by international standards. Chinese have evolved from the status of beg borrow or steal ideology to being more innovative agressive and dominating in the world market. According to a research scholar from University of Shenzhen, "Usage of our vast human resource and work force can bring miracle to our nagging economy". The message is very clear, China can achieve development only by utilisation of the resources in a systamatic and satisfactory manner. Most of the top chinese leaders like Mr. Xi Jinping, Li kekiang and others in leading news channels have stressed on the transformation through innovation and research in many fields.

Chinese position in the global arena is improving and slowly and steadily it is opening up to the changes in the world. Unfortunately the banks in China is controlled by the state and they cannot afford to lend the money to small companies let alone the start up company. Many companies are utilising the never ending work force which China has to offer and they are setting up research and development centers to boost their innovative spirits. Consider, the company known as ZTE, which has stressed on the fact that innovation is the heart of the company. This company approx files more than 3000 patents and spends approx 2 billion annually on the innovation. Many problem can apply in the absence of the commercial pressures.

Most of the schools in China is very closed when it comes to research and development in the field of education. HIgh school is like a military boot camp for the students and many cannot handle the heat of excessive education. The Gaokao is one of the toughest exam an 18 year old in China has to undergo to prove his worth in the field of academics. The slow and steady innovation and openness could hit the authoritarian one party political system. Hongkong saw the rise of democracy not so long ago, when the people wanted to have change and challenged the single party system. There is a new breed of people who are comming up known as the creative bunch of people who asks the question, challenges the system, and alwys bats for innovation.


It is an unique situation in Peoples Republic of China in which the government want the innovation and dynamism coupled with control. This is the paradox which China is going through and hope it comes out of this immediately.  The new leadership is very commited and they are comming out with new ideas to develop the economy of China. China must relax its economic policies and allow more foreign direct investment (FDI) to take control over various segments. The age old communist doctrine must be put an end to and new leaf of democracy must be brought in to usher in a new era in Chinese history. It has not encouraged democratic set up and we will have to wait and see as to how the democratic set up would work in China.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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