The border between India and Pakistan is one of the most secured border in the world aftter the border between North Korea and South Korea. The situation in Pakistan is at present very tragic and very ironic. The weapon invented by them in the 1980's to hit India known as the Proxy war and continously exporting terrorism is hitting them black and blue. Pakistan must now understand that terrorism is a double edge sword and can hit its own soil with no mercy.

Pakistan must understand the fact that India is no longer its enemy. The enemy is the forces within Pakistan which is destroying it day by day and night by night. The highly secured Wagah border with its three tier security got the shock on Sunday, when terrorist armed with explosives like the RDX came inside the crowd watching the retreat parade on the Pakistan side of the international border and exploded himself. The casualty was very high and according to the rough estimates, approx 80 people lost the life and 180 were injured.

There are various terrorist groups in Pakistan claiming responsibility for the attack. A group known as the Zundullah, is said to have claimed the responsibility for the attack. Zundullah, has claimed responsibility for the Peshawar church bombing which took place in September 2013. Zundullah is one of the group which broke away from Tehreek E Taliban and became independent. It claimed that many of its leaders were shot dead in the Pakistan Army's operation in North Waziristan and Baluch areas. During the sacred month of Id and Muharram, the nation has been on its highest alert and intelligence agencies like ISI has warned of terror attacks of highest proportions.

The shias community in Pakistan has been targetted since independence from India in 1947. However, the Intelligence agencies are not ruling out any more terror attacks in Pakistan. The suicide bomber managed to clear two security gates, but was not able to clear the third gate, because the Pakistani rangers stopped him. At that moment many people were comming out off after seeing the retreat ceremony on the Pakistan side of the Wagah border. Three rangers were killed and many civilians lost their lives.

After this incident, the alert level was raised in Pakistan and the Police arrested approx 20 people in connection with the incident and investigations are carried on. The trouble with Pakistan is that it is not able to formualate any concrete policy to destroy the terrorist and terrorism from its own soil. Most militant outfits would like to send direct message to India after doing blasts in Pakistan that they are active and considers India as Dar-Ul-Herb (An Enemy Nation).

The impact of the explosion was so huge that it was felt on the Indian side. Fortunately, no Indian was hurt in the bombings. On Monday, the armies of two nations held a silent flag meet between its commanders. Pakistan allowed the visitors to meet each other for some time. After the terror attacks trade between India and Pakistan has stopped and Samjauta rail link between two nations has come to a abrupt halt. India must note that its borders are not safe, untill a stable pakistan is evolved. There is no option between the two nations, but to talk to resolve the issue in a systamatic and satisfactory manner.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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