Bangalore, which is known as the IT hub of the city, is also getting bad name for distrubing incidents of sexual assault on childrens ranging from 1 years to 6 years. Four cases has been reported in four months and is becomming a major concern. In the year 2014, ten cases of serious rape has been reported from various schools in Bangalore. Due to the media coverage he incidents are getting reported on a regular basis.

The interesting feature of this incidents is that, all have taken place in schools located in posh areas of Bangalore. The abuse of children is not restricted to schools located in posh areas of bangalore, but the schools located in the rural areas has also come unde the radar. According to a survey done by the Ministry of Woman and Child development in th3e year 2007, they found out that approx 53% of approx 12,000 children interviwed for admission to the schools were facing sexual abuse.

Uptill now, there was a feeling that Schools consititute a safe and good environment for the Children to showcase their talent. Earlier, the perception which was mooted was most of the abuse were done by the family members and children. Till March 2014 , approx 350 cases of child abuse and molestation has been reported and registered under the Section 376 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Many more cases has been registered under the stringent (POSCO), Protection of Children from the Sexual Offences Act, 2012 emphasizes the need that the assault on children must be looked and address immediately. However, the continuous incidents of rape and child assault in Bangalore, debate is over the safety of children in schools in city and rural areas. The positive things at present is that no rape case has been reported in the schools in the rural areas.

Police has made it compulsory to have CCTV in each and every school premises. Some schools in Bangalore has installed it, while some has not installed it, due to the increase in the cost of the commodities. The number of schools are growing, but there are hardly any system in place to monitor the credibilty of staff in general and management in particular.

Schools must do a background verification on its teaching and non teaching staff in a closed manner. Awareness must be made against the constant sexual abuse and rape of Childrens in schools. Parent teacher meeting (PTA) must be done on a monthly basis to know the physical and mental performance of the children. It is vital to counsel the children and parents and make them aware of various dangers and report the incidents.

The mangement also must have regular connects with the students in the schools and help find out solutions to the problems. Basic protocols are not followed in many schools regarding child safety and blamed is passed on to someone else. The law enforcement agencies are not equipped to handle this kind of cases and they refuse to cooperate. The pshychological impact of the sexual assault on the kids, parents, family members, relatives are not taken into account. Incident of rape in schools in Bangalore is not a local issue, but a issue which needs to be sternly and swiftly held at the national level. People must be made aware of this cases and swift action must be taken to resolve them. The rape cases in Bangalore got highlighted because it is a big city. However, the small cities must also be brought under the rader, where these kind of incidents take place.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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