The political situation in our nation is going through a sea change and most of the government is undertaking the campaign to make sure that they spend less money and take the work more. The motive behind this is to give the message to the people that the national resources will not be misutilised. The UPA (United Progressive Alliance) led by the congress had announced series of moves to reduce the cost, however this did not work out.

The NDA (National Democratic Alliance) led by the Bharatiya Janata Party has come forward and announced set of relief measures to cut down the public expenditure and reduce the fiscal deficit. Unfortunately the governments which have come to power is very good in introducing the policies, however very bad in implimenting those policies. Politicians and the bureaucrats know to diplomatically avoid the questions on rules and policies by having the contingency plans.

The move towards austerity drive started with the Prime Minister asking the top officials and bureaucrats to reduce the usage of five star hotels and foreign tours. Emphasis was also stressed on reducing the travel expenses and some of the policies are in place, however they are not being implemented in practice. The tours of politicians and their family members are also reduced to a greater extent to avoid the public money being misutilised.

Inspite of the implimentation of these austerity drives and measures the drive will not be successful, because there is no yardstick to measure them. The expenditure incurred on the lines of the bloated bureaucracy is one such measure. The government has also stressed on the temporary ban on the creation and filling up of the posts, which are vacant for more than one year will not reduce the expenditure. Increase in the entertainment taxes, prohibiton, Value Added Taxes has lead to increase in the revenue of the government, which can be used for development of the nation.

Many commissions and teams has been set up by the government to reduce expendure and it has met with zero success. The expenses are going to be much higher when the seventh pay commissoin comes into the picture. The concessions and subsidies must be reduced to a great extend and cosmetic measures is not the order of the day, but the concrete measures is the need of the hour.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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