Delhi is the capital of India and it has been a long time since the elected government has come to power. Delhi saw a three way battle between Congress, BJP and the AAP(Aam Aadmi Party). Supreme court was not happy with the proceedings and wanted to resolve the political criss in Delhi.

Liutenant Governor Najeeb Jung came under severe flak from the apex court of the nation and he had no alternative except to call all the three political parties and have a discussion on forming the government. It became a numbers game and unfortunately no one had it to prove the majority on the floor of the house.

After BJP came to power in the Center, presidents rule was implimented and finally delhi got an adminsitration to content with. Conduct of elections was inevitable and this lead to the dissolution of the Assembly. The working of the assembly was delayed due to the political reasons rather than the constituental essentials.

Election commission is going to undertake the task of the revision of the electoral rolls and January 1, 2015  is the deadline to add new voters in the voters list. At present, the elections to Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand is spread over five phases and will continue till December 20, 2014. BJP did suceed in postponding the election for some months and now need to have plans to prevent the attack of AAP. Despite being new to politics, AAP has the power to upset many political calculations. Hence BJP need to make a comeback by providing stff challenge to the AAP by implimenting viable model for the cheaper and effective delivery of services to the citizens of the state of Delhi. There will be a bitter fight between BJP and the AAP. BJP will take the help of its messiah, Narendra Modi to cruise safely from the tides of uncertainity.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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