The attitude of the people has changed considerably. During 80's the kids use to fear asking the parents to even take permission to switch on the Television and the music systems. However, gone are those days and now the kids are overtaking adults as the number one users of the online shopping sites.

It is very astonishing to find out that the child ageing 7 years onwards are making sales and purchases using their parent’s accounts. Parents are sometimes happy and sometimes very anxious about the activities of their kids on the internet. The psychiatrists have a word of caution---about the behavior of the kids. Usual entry to the internet is ok; however making this a habit would affect their brains, which is tender in nature.

A student of class VI from Malleshwaram, is a runaway hit in his building after he sold off his books and cycle through Olx. Parents are happy and feel that this will provide some pocket money to the kid. At present, some rules has been laid on the number of hours he can surf on the net on the phone and the laptop.

The rules are very simple; parent needs to make sure that the kids are not browsing any colorful website when they are not around. Child lock comes into the picture at this juncture to make sure kids are browsing only healthy websites. According to some cyber security experts, the parents should install software which alerts them when a particular app has been downloaded into the mobile. Encourage your child to sit with you and tell you regarding utilizing the services on the net and to spend the time in the internet.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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