Scotland is one of the important nations of United Kingdom. The latest verdict in the political scenario in the UK is the Scotland vote for Independence. It has been described as one of the alternative to the election of members of parliament in the UK. There is a change in the attitude of scottish people and the results are out stating that approx 45 to 55 percent of the people have voted to stay in the Union of Great Britain. Interstingly more than two of five scotts has voted to leave the United Kingdom.

No body understands the inner meaning of it and no one else will, because of the fluctuation of the mind of the people. The political parties in the UK is not able to read the mind of the people of Scotland. The constutitional process also has the provision of the transfer of the powers. Alex Sammond and his Scottish National Party (SNP) can be expected to step up the pressure to make their presence felt in the 2015 general elections. The future shape of Scotland will have tremendous impact on the nature of the Union of Great Britain.

Without a shadow doubt, this referendum is carrying a larger significance beyond the boundaries of Great Britain. The Spanish Prime minister stressed on the fact that referendum in Scotland for Scottish independence is a direct torpedo on the European Union. Some leaders like Barack Obama, Modi has stressed on a United Britain. Clearly the current of globalization has affected the regional balance in Europe. It has also reignited the growth and development of nationalism and led to narrow minded identities. An effective political will is the need of the hour to embrace and accomodate diversity and make Scotland a power in Europe.


Glasgow, the major city of Scotland has backed the independence bid from 42% to 64%. Dundee and industrial city of Scotland located in the east coast and the districts of West Dunbartonshire nad Lanakshire also opted for Independence from Britain


A Key factor in interpretation of the result early Friday was the highest voter turnout, which is high across the nation willing to stay with UK, but low with people who want to separate from UK.


One of the protestors said that, I am heartbroken, with a Scottish flag around her neck. But later on she recovered after having a cup of tea and said ,” At the end of the day, I am still Scottish”. Early results from the islands in Scotland's north, where much of the oil flows, came in strongly for staying in the union.


This vote was one of the major event in Scottish history with approx. 4 million people registering for vote in the election. This event was one of the major events in which approx. 60% rejecting the independence and 40 % support it.


This was a narrow escape for the British Government and the prime minister  Mr. David Cameron said that there must be more autonomy for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Furthermore, he stressed on the fact that the government of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland must have control over Welfare, Tax, Defense, Income and Expenditure and the Spending. However the government has issued a tough message that Scotland’s economy would suffer, if it breaks away from the United Kingdom.


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