In the year 2014, we saw a good fight between BJP leader Mr. Narendr Modi and Congress led by Rahul Gandhi. This fight has been going on for many years and people were sick and tired of the same old policies. This led to the rise of many parties who promised lot of changes in the comming years. AAP or the Aam Aadmi Party is one of them which entered the field of politics promising that the corruption is like Parthenium plant and must be weeded out as soon as possible.

Now the major question is whether the AAP led by retired bureaucrat Mr. Arvind Kejriwal will be able to stop the Modi Juggernaut and provide an alternative government in the Center and the states. Delhi is seeing the rise of AAP as a major party and many dignatories have left their lucrative jobs and joined the party. Later , It has expressed the desire that it would like to go national and decide to have its offices in approx 20 states in India.

Arvind Kejriwal had a year to prepare for the elections which was held in Delhi, which has already seen the rise of Anna Movement. BJP is the biggest competitor to the Congress and has a presence in large parts of India. It has won convincingly in states like Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhyapradesh and other states.

BJP projected Mr. Narendra Modi, the poster boy of the party to fight the general election and rout the congress from power. He is a workholic, non corrupt, tough, powerful, no family background, clean image, social media savvy and very interactive with people from all walks of life. Modi is very intelligent and has subdued his Hindutva image and don the secular image to widen his appeal and dilute his 2002 image. This is done with the help of undertaking various steps like Construction of Sardar Patel statue in Gujarat, Jan dhan yojna, Staying away from Ram Janm Bhoomi, Sanitation and Health care for all the people. BJP is wooing all the people like Hindus, Muslims, OBC and other people.

This is a conventional way to look at the political scenarios in India which is changing very rapidly. We are living in a changed enviroment, six months ago hardly any body believed that the AAP which is not having any experience in the field of politics, will lead the government in Delhi. In the year 1977, we saw the newly formed Janata Party comming to power in many states of North India and ruling for longer duration.

AAP has made the flying start by inducting promiment personalities and challenging the traditional form of government. Kejriwals coronation has encouraged the people in Delhi in particular and India in general to situp and take notice of the changes in the political scenarios in India. Arvind Kejriwal avoided the usage of palatial bungalows and huge cars and stressed on the use of metro and common mode of transport like the bus.

Tackling the corruption will be the major task of the AAP and he encouraged the people to call his mobile number and promised immediatel action. BJP has every reason to worry about and Kejriwal publicly thanked the God. AAP is throwing its weight behind the urban middle class of all communities and this is done to make sure the vote does not go wasted.

Many in India are watching closely to see how the AAP which has won the hearts of the people would come up and meet the expectations. Lakhs of people, and the political leaders from various parts of India feeling suffocated are coming up and flocking to AAP. It is already considering projecting a Prime Ministerial Candidate to fight the next general elections. A Churning is taking place in Indian politics and the year 2014 will reflect this mood of the people in the form of votes.

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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