Indian navy is one of the finest navies available in Asia. The organization of this naval force is the best and people love to be part of this maritime force. The primary task of our naval force is to secure the maritime borders   India is also using the naval force to regularly carry out the joint naval exercises in Indian and International waters.

As of 2011, Indian navy has got an amazing strength of approx 80,000 personnel, a large operating fleet of three aircraft carriers, two amphibious transport docking stations, 10 landing ship tanks, 12 destroyers, 20 frigates, one nuclear powered attack submarine, 20 conventionally powered attack submarines, 25 corvettes, 7 mine counter vessels, 50 patrol vessels and many tankers.

However since 2010 various accidents has affected the morale of our naval force. Many accidents has taken place on a regualar basis affecting the Indian Navy. Last week an auxiliary ship sank off the coast of the Vishakapatnam Coast. This tragedy is said to have claimed the life of one sailor and 6 naval officers are missing. This is the second incident in 2014 after INS Kora A missile corvette, was involved in a collission with a merchant ship near Vizag and suffered minor damage. After this recent incident, Indian Navy is left with just one recovery vessel. In the year 2013, on August 14th one of the primary ships of the Indian Navy known as the INS Sindhurakshak, a powerful nuclear submarine had an accident. Approx 15 sailors lost the lives and the Admiral R.K. Dhawan ordered set of procedures to investigate the accident. He was a gentleman who resigned from his job owing moral responsibility for the disaster.

The problem is not only with the submarine, but also with many other warships like the frigates, destroyers, minesweepers and others. All have suffered major accidents and weapons worth crore of rupees has been destroyed.

This is due to the regular systematic lapses, in the field of maintenance, acquiring the spare parts or noncompliance to the standard operating procedures. The role of the new Admiral in not able to carry out the maintenance, up gradation and procurements of new vessels have come up.

This stressed on the fact that the bureaucratic  measures are not enough and steps must be taken in order to enhance cooperation between the bureaucrats and the defense management systems.

Under the guided leadership of Mr. Arun Jaitley, bold plans has been introduced to upgrade the naval force in a systematic and satisfactory manner. Agreements has been inked with China, Vietnam, Fiji, Indonesia, Australia, Russia to upgrade the naval force.

Indian Navy has been extending training maintenance and training expertise to nations around the world. Accidents like this can affect the growth of Indian Navy. Many naval force of nations in Asia , Srilanka, Malaysia and other nations.                        

A bad safety record at home will make our naval force an incompetent force to reckon with. Mere assurance and accepting the responsibility to overhaul defense systems will not work at this juncture. The nations credibility is at stake and all is required is honest introspection and correcting the mistakes to make Indian navy a good naval force in the world.

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