First, the Pledge:

An enterprise telecom environment is comprised of more than just a collection of corporate smart phones and desk phones. The foundation of this complex ecosystem is made up of vendors, enterprises and their relationships to solutions and services. Enterprises consume telecom services from multiple vendors. These solutions and services may include fixed, mobile and data services (ISDN PRI, Toll-free, audio conference, leased lines, P2P, MPLS, etc.).  

Second, the Turn:

Enterprises worldwide are in constant pursuit of financial stability for their fixed and mobile telecom environments. However, a large number of companies don’t know their annual telecom expenses, according to white papers published by leading research firms. The most visible threat to managing a sound telecom environment is financial efficiency. The need to balance gains and losses is driven by the millions of dollars that an organisation has spent on voice, data and wireless telecom services with an estimated ten percent being errors or unnecessary expenditures. This not only drains the value and sustainability of the telecom environment, but also impacts the organization’s financial climate. As a result of this negative visibility of telecom expenses, organizations from large and small to public and private are uncritically seeking solutions. The unnecessary financial costs enterprises experience annually can be reduced by adopting a standard of operational and performance excellence.

Third, the Prestige:

The services used by enterprises to efficiently manage their telecom environment is called Telecom Expense Management services. Intellibuzz, a leader in Telecom Expense Management in India, provides the Solid Ground and an effective way of leveraging telecom Cost Management and telecom environment efficiency. Telecom Expense Management is essential for enterprises that want to turn the telecom environment into a financially viable business asset that promotes technical and operational success.

We invite all those out of the box accountants, revolutionary thinkers, disrupters and troublemakers to join our team, work with us as an auditor, or an intraprenuer, as an enterprise consultant or just as an expert. Ready to create and lead?


Posted 5 years, 7 months ago by Pranay Sanghavi

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