This is one of the major initiatives launched by the Pm Shri Narendra Modi . He has launched this initiative known as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan which would be the ideal gift given to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary falling on October 2, 2019. This event has got the capacity to transform the lives of millions of Indians in India and overseas, rich and the poor.

The sanitation and hygiene is the mantra of all the government which has come to power in the recent years. In the past when the congress government was in power, the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had launched the Central rural sanitation program in the year 1986, and in the year 1998 the NDA government led by Mr .Atal Behari Vajpayee has launched this program which was not successful. Unfortunately no previous government has come forward in making clean India a reality. However with the rise of BJP under the powerful leadership of Modi, the Swachh Bharat Initiative is so real. Till date only the activities like sweeping of the streets and ending open defecation has occupied the minds and hearts of the people. Even the media has highlighted the issue on a regular basis. However, the Swachh Bharat campaign is not just limited to having good roads; it also means having the access to well organized drainage, sewage and effective solid waste management in all the villages’ towns and cities in India.

Certain steps like the removal of ponds with stagnated water which is the source of mosquitoes must be prioritized. Furthermore the local and the civic bodies must be involved in order to undertake the cleanliness campaign. The people living in villages, towns and cities must be given proper education and workshop on neatness must be conducted to spread awareness about the issue of cleanliness. All the TV channels must be encouraged to telecast programs based on healthcare and the rural folk must be made aware of various health hazards. Slums must be replaced with proper housing facilities and the people must be made conscious of having a germ free life.

According to a scholar, “The lavatory must be clean as a drawing room, to proclaim that your standard of living has improved”. The concept of cleanliness must not be discussed in the boardroom with 24/7 air-conditioned facility. This campaign faces a formidable finance and implementation challenges. The government must have political will to implement and make sure that the rules are followed at any cost. The government must require approx. 4 to 5% of the GDP to undertake the cleanliness drive because there are approx. 6 lakh villages and more than 8 lakh cities to cover.  Some stringent measures must be taken by the government like having only dedicated privatization, elimination of corruption, cuts in the benefits given to the elite class of people, avoiding unauthorized cash transfers. Some people living in our nation does not have proper toilet of their own. Many companies like Godrej; DLF has come out with toilet donation schemes. Many Member of Parliament and legislatures has been adopting villages to make it a model village. If we wage this campaign on a war footing then we can have a cleaner India free of dirt, just like the way we eradicated leprosy and polio from our soil.

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