Cricket is a sport which every Indian love and cherish and after we won the world cup cricket in 2011 the fan base has increased. Few are likely to be aware that there is a game which we have won in Asia and the world. That is the game of Kabaddi which we have invented.  The Kabaddi world cup is taking place in the city of Jalandhar attracting 12 nations. It is drawing lot of capacity crowds and is slowly and steadily gaining more momentum.

The lavish opening ceremony of the Kabaddi World Cup was held at the Guru Gobind Stadium in Jalandhar with Sonakshi Sinha as the lead superstar from Bollywood. It is proof that this sport is showing slow and steady progress in the coming years and challenging every boundaries.

Earlier this game was just played by Punjabis and the Hariyanavis and hence it would not receive any recognition and now the structure of the teams would change as this sport is undergoing a sea change.  It is very interesting to note that there is a woman’s Kabaddi teams coming from places like Australia, England, Iran, US, New Zealand and other nations. Furthermore there is a men’s kabaddi team coming from Argentina, Spain, Denmark and Holland.  Furthermore these sports are keenly followed in the above mentioned nations and they use advanced technology to master this form of sports.

Interestingly this game is fast catching up due to the power of the Punjabis living abroad. In Canada, England the game of Kabaddi has risen from being just a sports and gaining more momentum. Punjabis love this game and has taken this game to their hearts inventing their own form. While rest of the world plays kabaddi in the rectangular format, the Punjabis draw a circle and play Kabaddi which is more aggressive and confrontational.

The weekly tournament and monthly tournament has become a sort of sporting calendar for the Punjabi community. This game is the game of power, agility, skill and pure aggression. This game is held in the memory of the Sikh Gurus and attending them gives a sense of pride.  The players are from India and Pakistan and a team can be purchased for approx. 2 lakh dollars and top player can earn approx. 40,000 dollars.

Kabaddi is no longer a village game and it has risen in stature. It is a professional which has encouraged them to lead comfortable lives, build the houses and support their families.

India has been doing well so far by winning the Kabaddi world cup in 2013 by beating arch rivals Pakistan.  Despite its popularity the fundamental changes has been taking place in the sports due to dynamism of the people. Nations like Pakistan and Iran, which are Islamic republics, are sending men’s and women’s team in this sports and making their presence felt.  India and Pakistan are considered favorites to lift the world cup kabaddi final which is going to be held on Dec 20, 2014. As far women’s are considered India and New Zealand are said to be the favorites. Both events are going to be gripping encounters and the people who are watching will be on the edge of their seats.

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