The rise of Narendra Modi is said to be an amazing rise in the history of India. If we look at the previous governments they have just made the promise and never bother to implement the promise they gave it to the people of India.

Make In India Policy-A True Gift To India

Narendra Modi has promised lot of investment in various segments like aerospace, textile, iron and steel, entertainment, defense, ship building, architecture, fisheries and host of others.  Modi came to power stating that he would provide employment opportunities to people and make them self reliant. He also promised that he would provide the people with jobs and change their standard of living. The ‘Make In India” campaign is one of the major campaigns introduced in this regard to make Indian goods on par with the international standards.

The major aim of Make In India scheme is to increase the share of the manufacturing segment in India. This program was launched in order to attract the foreign investment and make India a manufacturing hub for foreign investment and attract the global investors.

Make in India is one of the pilot campaigns undertaken by the Modi government to make India self reliant. The major aim of this exercise is to have a higher share in the manufacture of any product. Furthermore the Make in India reflects the attitudinal change in the way India will interact with the investors in the years to come. 

  1. There will be dedicated teams which will guide the first time investors from the time of arrival of the business magnets.
  2. Targeting all the companies in India 

The major question put forth by the Indian industrialists is that what is the reason a foreigner would come to India and invest, when we are not investing abroad? The answer to this question lies in the minds of the business leaders and policy makers who can come up with sure shot solutions to get rid of this problem. 

Make in India is creating ripples in the minds of the people and it is very imperative to understand that Make In India is not a policy of the government of India under Modi, it is an outcome of the fruits of labor.  The government has introduced a catalog of items which can be made in India and which cannot be made in India. Doing business with the world has made a lot of difference for the Modi government. He has been able to win the support of big nations like USA, Russia, Australia, China and others. Make in India is often confused with Made In India and this confusion must be stopped to make our nation a strong nation. Modi must not do anything which hampers the existence of our nation. Instead he must focus on making the business accessible to the common man and avoid the inflation and fiscal deficits. His priority must be to make India a stronger nation in Asia and then take India to the next level.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by BINESH NAIR

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