Pakistan is a nation which is always equated with terror and terrorist activities. The number of incidents, number of dead, displaced, murdered, and injured has been associated with Pakistan for a longer time. However everything is said to have changed on Tuesday at the cowardly and deadliest terrorist strike which took place at the Army Public School at Warsak Road in Peshawar. December 16, 2014 will go down in the Pakistan’s history as most unfortunate day.

Deadliest Terror Strike in Pakistan-School attack by Taliban in PeshawarImage source: Telegraph

Pakistan in particular and the world in general has been shocked by the brutal attack which took place in Peshawar. The militants were wearing the uniform worn by the Frontier Corps and entered the school from the back door. Terrorism went to the lowest level when school with innocent children became the center of target. Going by the account of the children who were fortunate to live another day, six men entered the school and went to each classroom and started killing the children. Militant group Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan has claimed the responsibility for the attacks and claimed it is a revenge for the continuous onslaught of the Pak Army in the regions near North West Frontier Provinces. The major motive behind this attack was that they wanted Pak Army to feel the same pain and agony, as many innocent people were killed in Waziristan and North West Frontier Agency. Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan wanted to bring an end to the Pak Army operations in the North West Frontier Provinces. Approx. 500 students were in school and 250 were injured.  There were suicide killers and target attackers and they have been ordered to kill students and burn the principal.

Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan also has attacked Malala Yusufzai in 2012 as she was speaking for liberty and democracy. The School was targeted because it was the symbol which Taliban never endorsed like enlightenment, honesty and liberty.  At this juncture the statement of Hillary Clinton comes to the fore stating that Pakistan cannot rear snakes in its backyard and hope it will not bite it.  There has been no effective counterterrorism in place till date in Pakistan. Prime Minister Modi and Sherif have condemned the attacks. Nawaz Sherif has promised to create a team consisting of Intelligence Officials to get rid of the terrorism. However the major worry would be to implement the ideal of the team created by Sherif.

 Unfortunately, Pakistan is a nation which is suffering from terrorism which it created 20 years ago. Many deadly attacks were carried out by the Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan like attack on the Karachi Airport, Attack near the Wagah border which left approx. 80 people dead and 110 injured.  At present nobody is safe in Pakistan and the nation is in chaos. General Raheel Sheriff has said that he would eliminate every terrorist from Pak soil. However they must think and dismantle the terror groups not only in North Western Part of Pakistan but also from Pakistan occupied Kashmir.  The Pakistani government has to be blamed for encouraging the terrorist networks like the Jamat Ud Dawaa and its leader like Hafiz Saeed, lakhvi and others. Many people attended the rally organized by Hafiz Saeed in Lahore and the government even arranged a train service to the city. It is time for action and if Pakistan forgets this massacre just like any other terrorist attacks, and does not change itself, it will never be a peaceful nation and will have to face the taunting of other nations.

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