As per the study conducted by one of the leading consulting firm in India, only 20% of the engineers are really fit for employment and approx. 5% graduates from other stream of study are employable. This shocking figure emphasizes the hopeless educational system of our nation. The system also prepares our students and the future generations to equip in various fields. The world today also requires the individuals with all round personality, growth and development and good knowledge. You must not know just to fix the problem in the software but also keep abreast with the current updates and developments in the field of software.

EQUIP STUDENTS OF TODAY TO FACE THE CORPORATE WORLD  OF TOMORROW                                                                                     

If we take a look at the marks secured by the undergraduate and graduate students, we can see that many students are interested only in scoring good marks at the examination, obtain the love of parents and teachers and distribute sweets in the locality. Unfortunately, most of them do not realize the fact that just by having good educational qualifications, you cannot get good jobs. One must equip with qualities like the commercial awareness, time management, analytical abilities, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, creativity and employability.  The best plan to equip the students to have the exposure to the interactive classrooms. It is vital that the teacher motivates the students to become good citizens and get involved in many activities.

  1. General Awareness: Approximate 10 minutes must be invested for the general discussions. We must assist the students to read the newspaper daily and come up with the news which are vital and help the students to learn and expose themselves to various viewpoints.  Regular practice will ensure the students to understand the news and also keep updated with the current affairs and burning issues affecting our nation.
  2. Interactive Seminars: We must have good seminars to carry out the presentations on various topics like mobile banking, e-commerce, Swachh Bharat Campaign, Insurance and other concepts. The seminar will highlight approx. 40 or 50 concepts to generate interest in the mind of students.
  3. Open Forum: We can have an open discussion to resolve the issues facing our nation. A separate board must be kept in class for students to display eye catching and interesting information. Creative quotes, Photos, Cartoons and anecdotes must be displayed to give students a break from monotonous classes.
  4. Self-Learning: A one way communication is very boring and new methods must be used to attract the young minds of students. Allot the topics to the students and give them a week or ten days’ time to do research on the concepts and provide good presentations.
  5. Entrepreneurship Skills:  We must stress on the entrepreneurship skills in the minds of young students and must be asked to read on personalities like Rattan Tata, NRN, Nehru and host of others visionaries and leaders.
  6. Digital Approach: We must have latest technology to our advantage. We must have interactive software’s to teach various concepts to the students in a systematic manner. It is helpful to students, as they would love to listen to the tutor.

The world is changing and the conventional methods will not stand the test of time. Students will have to look beyond the walls of classroom and work on skill up gradation, as employers love to have people who have the ‘x’ factor.

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