Create a TITLE or Headline that summarizes your content

Make sure that title of your post is not only appealing but related to content of the article. Use a title which speaks about your content and should not be misleading.

Good Title and Bad title for website

Don’t engage in practice of writing titles which will misguide the visitors on your website. Buzzfeed and Scopwhoop are currently using titles which prompt users to click on the link. This strategy may work for you if your targeted audience is facebook users.

Keywords in your content

What we search in newspapers? No one read full article but grasp only key points. Your key points are your keywords in content. Google analyses the content based on keyword or similar words appearing in the article. Don’t over optimize with keywords, spamming content will have negative impact.

Length of the Content

Great articles provide the information in depth, length of article indicates that article is well researched and presents the facts. Articles with more words rank well compared to thinly written articles. An article with 2000 words will rank better compared to article with 500 or less words.

Spelling and sentence structure

No one likes the badly written articles, which confuse the readers not with facts but with wrong spelling and grammar.

Spell proof your articles before publishing them.

User Experience and popularity

Google and other search engines consider user experience on top when it comes to SERP ranking. A poorly coded site will make visitors press BACK button and search engines hate it. Search Engines don’t want to provide results which are not readable or are not useful. Your site will be negatively impacted if bounce rate is high.

Write articles in bulleted style; give subheading to your each key topic in article. If any information can be presented in list style then put in list style.

Links to your articles

If the content is great, people will link your articles on their websites or blogs. Search Engines considers these links as a factor to rank your content in search results. More the backlinks, higher the trust search engines have on your site. Search Engines hate if you try to play smart with them, don’t engage in artificial links.

Description of your article

Google does not consider description to rank contents in search results, but a nicely written description will attract users to click on your link. A well written description can increase visitors compared to a badly written description.

Photos and Info graphics

People even search images on search engines. Images used in article really rank well when searched. Always put at least one high definition image in your article. Putting image not only works with image searches but also stand apart when shared on social media.

Broken links and outdated content does not rank well

Broken links in site can affect your SEO scores. Remove the links which are no more in existence, provide a good experience to users coming to your site. Your content should be updated, regularly update your content to make it relevant.

Follow best practices and Guidelines of search engines

Google and Bing both have guidelines those need to be followed to rank well in search engines. These guidelines are available in their sites. Breaking any guideline can cut your share in ranking. Remember there is no short cut to success, same rule applies here also.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by SEO Guru

A good article on how to get better ranking in Google. At tiksahre we write a lot of articles and discussions, most of them are from users who are unaware of these topics. This article will help us to write in a manner that we get good ranking in Search results.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by CA Pulkit Sharma

NICE ARTICLE. as it explains how we can make our Blog more responsive.

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

Nice Article. Scopwhoop is good example but i have a doubt that suppose if you are using adwords keyword planner and optimize your keywords and also indexing by google but its show on top 50 pages.. now i wanna increase the ranking.. then what is the solutions SEO Guru.

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by Devyash Patel

Hi Devyash Patel, Please start a discussion on forum and lets discuss the various factors you can consider to boost your ranking.

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago by SEO Guru

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