Football is one of the most admired sports in India with many followers. Many nations are following this game with Great Spirit and expectations. The FIFA world cup held once is every four years is most watched event in the globe. Due to the rise of cricket, football is not getting the attention it requires and all other games are not growing at the desired level. The national team is struggling due to lack of proper infrastructure and the assistance given by FIFA; the governing body of football is equivalent to zero. The world ranking of India is lower than Fiji and many people are ignoring this sport. The future of football is bleak and it has no future and people are hesitant to take up football. There are approx. 200 nations in the world and India is struggling to match its standards with their standards. Due to politics, corruption and bad governance, football is losing importance and has less followers in India expected Goa and Kerala.

Not any more, there are people who believe that football can be made as national sports. The beautiful game of football is slowly and steadily gaining momentum due to the efforts put in by the Reliance India Foundation. The Reliance India Foundation has been responsible for generating lot of interest in the newly launched Indian Super League (ISL). The league is about promoting the football and brings the game to international level. The Indian Super League started in October 12, 2014 in the city of Joy (Kolkata) with eight teams consisting of players who have immensely contributed to the success of their nations during their prime. There were lots of controversies regarding the people who will watch football. There are questions about how a two month event would improve a sport, which has not improved since 66 years after independence.

The Inaugural edition of the Indian Super League has also provided the answers to the above concerns. The Indian Super League has generated a wave of excitement and passion in India relating to the beautiful game of football. Indian Super League has also shown that the gloom which was surrounding the football can be destroyed, if the efforts can be challenged in a systematic and satisfactory manner. The standard of the matches played in the Indian Super League is absolutely high compared to the earlier editions of the Indian National Football League (INFL). The welcome surprise was that the icons like Tendulkar became the owner of Kerala Blasters and Ganguly became the owner of Athletico De Kolkata. The Indian Super League may not have set the fire, however it has generated the confidence form the matches and given boost for the players to do well in the upcoming games.

The team and the players have raised their level of performance and credit must go to the coaches and staff. The credit also must go to the fan that came in large numbers and encouraged the growth of football. Channels like Star Sports and local channels began to encourage the growth and development of football. The tips to promote the football in India were done by ISL in favor of the All India Football Federation being a sleeping dragon. This show was managed by IMG and star sports and the first winner of the ISL is Athletico De Kolkata who defeated Kerala Blasters. Indian football which was a sleeping giant may see a new era of growth.

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