As per the Initial polls conducted by many news channels, Aam Aadami Party will emerge as third largest party in Delhi election polls.

AAP leaded by Arvind Kejriwal is expected to cut down the votes of both BJP and Congress.

But as per me the most affected party will be BJP. And the reasons are:

  1. On an average the voters of BJP are from middle class families and also AAP is the favourite party of Middle classes.
  2. Congress is voted by Minorities and slum dwellers, and AAP seems to be out of reach of these.
  3. Congress knows how to Devide and Rule better than BJP.

Posted 4 years ago by Prakash mehta

@ Prakash

I believe the exit polls had a bad sample to test. As per exit polls BJP is single largest party in Delhi in terms of upcoming elections.

Here the exit poll by ABP news

Exit poll by ABP news, BJP to emerge as single largest party

I believe the exit poll had only middle class as sample. Middle class prefers BJP and AAP over congress.

So the actual results may vary. And Delhi does not show any sign of anti incumbency.

Again Delhi have large population of Muslims and their votes will mostly not be devided into AAP and Congress.

So mostly its BJP who will lose the vote bank to AAP.

Posted 4 years ago by News Reporter

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