Year 2014 is going to be a event changing year for India. 2014 will decide the future of many political parties.

Currently Indian political parties are devided in 2 major categories or groups. One group is headed by Congress(United Progessive Agenda alia UPA) and another is headed by Bhartiya Janata Party (National Democratic Alliances alia NDA).

Though parties like CPM, SP, and others are trying for a Third Front, but chances for third front to capture prime minister seat looks narrow.

In 2014 if UPA again wins than the effect will be:

  1. Nitish Kumar will have a strong base in Bihar as his main political opponent Narendra Modi will hibernate.
  2. SP again will dictate the government, SP is in power in UtterPradesh. UP has the highest Loksabha seats(80).
  3. Corruption will be at same level and may increase, Corrupted politicians will again enjoy for next 5 years.
  4. Incase Rahul Gandhi become prime minister many people will migrate (As per Ram Jethmalani)

Incase NDA comes to power than effects will be,

  1. Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister and hoping for it.
  2. Political career of JD(u), SP, Congress will be affected significantly.
  3. Corruption level may come down and corrupted politician may see face of jails.
  4. Current Policy Paralysis in government will end.
  5. Modi cant do any miracle in 5years, as Policies of current government have damages that will take another 20 years to recover.
  6. Illegal Immigaration, Kashmir issue, Terror activities and ceasefire by Pakistan will see a serious reaction from India.
  7. Foreign Policies will be seriously taken care.
  8. India will again become the investment hub (Currently Gujarat alone is the biggest investment puller)

In case Third front gets higher seats but not majority than effect will be:

  1. SP, CPM and other regional parties will run the county
  2. Congress will support the government
  3. Economic conditions, Political and other country level damages will increase more
  4. We will have worst governemnt after the current government headed by Man Mohan Singh(Sonia Gandhi)
  5. The government may not even complete the term and chances of Mid-election will increase

Hope India selects a better government in 2014 and does not select the political party that play votebank politics.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Prakash mehta

Even i will not employ Rahul Gandhi ;)

I mean is he capable of anything. The greatest Achievement by Rahul Gandhi is his surname.

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Bada Mouth

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