As all of you aware In karnataka ITC Matching Status is creating lot of problem.

And working for accuracy and correctness taking much more time.

Can we have all over india a system for each state or all states as below :

1. Mr x uploads to in his login ID based on PAN that to Mr. Y (HIS PAN Shall be Quoted) i am selling a specified Product/s such number at such rate. Tax on above shall be caluclated automatically at specified rate.

2. In Mr Y login it should show for approval Once Mr. Y approves a unique invoice for both the party shall be get generated. Mr X can take print and send the material to location which can be mentioned while providing the details in point 1.

3. Like this process shall go on for a month At the end of month After Input and output Tax Final Tax payable will get generated. and such tax shall be paid within a specified date and thereafter it shall continue.

4. If a dealer or Assessee do not pay tax his login will get locked.

It's a simple process for avoiding so many Papers, Administration cost bulla bulla.

Even Services, Excise can be included in above system (GST)

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Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by SANJAY KUMAR GANNA

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