Microsoft vs Apple vs Google, who is going to win the game

Microsoft rules the Operating Software market.

Apple rules the Hardware market specially the Iphone.

And Google is the king of Internet.

But these three companies are modelling their business every now and than to compete with each other.

Microsoft sees apple as a competitor with its OS and computer market. and microsoft also launched Bing search engine to directly compete with Google.

Google is competing with Apple in mobile OS sigment and internet too.(Android vs ios and Google Maps vs Apple Maps).

The comparative list of these companies competing with each other is:

Microsoft Vs Google: Search Engine, Webmaster Tools, Maps, Local Searches, Mails, Browser. Till now google has placed itself on top position in competition. And Google has also successfully drived users to its Docs applications. docs applications like Spreadsheets are competing with Excel.

Google Vs Apple: Google and Apple are competing for mobile OS market, Browser, Apps, Maps. Google has given most succesful mobile OS android. And apple has one for its own hardwares iOS. Both Google and Apple are competing with each other to win the OSwars.

Microsoft Vs Apple: Apple seem to have developed a well OS, macOS. The OS is better than Windows. Windows often crackdown and halts the computing, this problem is rarely faced in macOs. But microsoft has captured a good market share. Microsoft and Apple are competing for OS, Mobile Os.

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago by Rahul Rai

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