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We have filed paper form TDS returns upto the FY 2012-13 through Kaurvy- Basavangudi. In some of the year (2007-08 & 2010-11) Only one party is informed us that, we have received a notice from IT Department to pay the TDS amount since it is not reflecting in their TDS credit statement (26AS) and they are asking us, either revise the return or pay the full amount, which is demanded in the IT Notice.

As per the return the PAN No mentioned is correct, but we could not understand that why only to the particular party has not got the TDS Credit.

We consulted some people, they are saying that paper returns can't be revised. Is it Correct or if you have some solution kindly reply back to me. 

Thanks in Advance.


Posted 2 years, 7 months ago by Antony Raj

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