The OnePlus one was all in buzz in the mobile market last year for its spectacular configuration at just 21,998/- and here comes the next version from the OnePlus team “OnePlus 2”

OnePlus 2 release date

We know that the OnePlus 2 is launching in Q3, 2015, but news from has suggested that the new device will be introduced at a press conference in July.

We're ready. You can even be a part of the official launch.

OnePlus 2 invite system

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will still be sold using the invite system, at least to begin with. While it has taken a whole year for the One to outgrow the invite system, the 2 will still need to be manufactured and shipped at lower volumes at the start, and this means the invite system will return. Stay tuned for more information on how to get a OnePlus 2 invite.


Just like the OnePlus One, the OnePlus 2 will require an invite to buy.

OnePlus 2 specs

A leak spotted by has revealed some of the specs that we might see on the OnePlus 2,


Snapdragon 810 processor


Adreno 430 GPU and 3 GB of RAM

Screen resolution

1920 x 1080 (Full-HD)

OnePlus 2 release date history

Earlier in the year you may have seen some wild speculation about a delayed launch of the OnePlus 2. This was based on a comment made by OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, on Weibo.

The comment simply said that Lau believed the OnePlus One could remain competitive for the rest of 2015, and that's perfectly fine - it probably can. In no way did Lau state or even loosely imply that the OnePlus 2 launch would be delayed until 2016.

The matter was clarified quite aggressively by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei on Twitter, stating that the OnePlus 2 is not delayed at all. Pei went on to re-confirm that the OnePlus 2 release date will indeed be Q3, 2015. 

OnePlus 2 is not delayed. I've said it again and again: don't get your news from these insanely crap sources.

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) April 8, 2015

@tfaeusebio nothing has changed. Still Q3. I just want people to get news from reputable sources. They are reputable for a reason.

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) April 8, 2015

Pei has also mentioned that India will be one of the first countries where it will be released. The OnePlus One became available on April 25, 2014, first in Asian and European markets, before making its way to the US.

OnePlus 2 design

Pei also said that the size of the OnePlus 2 ''will surprise people'', so we don’t know if it will be bigger or smaller, but we guess it will be smaller

OnePlus 2 price

Earlier in May, Gizchina reported that Pete Lau, founder and CEO of OnePlus, had said  26,000 INR sounded like a good price for the OnePlus 2 (after having the figure suggested to him by a poster on Weibo). More recently, an article on suggests the device will launch for 24,000 to 26,000 INR.

Though this is just speculation, it seems likely that the device will arrive at a higher price point than the previous generation, and the base model could cost somewhere between 23,000 and  27,000 INR at launch.

OnePlus 2 features

The OnePlus One arrived running a customized version of CyanogenMod, CyanogenMod 11S, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Since then, OnePlus has split with Cyanogen Inc and developed its own operating system known as OxygenOS: this is the UI which will be used on the OnePlus 2.

So guys keep your fingures crossed and 'Like' this post to hear more news about OnePlus 2 !!

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