Godaddy is the top Domain registration company. I recently witnessed a fraud being done by this company in India.

The fraud is related to discount cupons. You can use the coupons to get discounts on Godaddy while buying a domain or hosting service.

However, I everytime face a problem in using these coupons. Here is how the entire fraud takes place:

  1. Place a purchase order,
  2. Google discount coupons, you will get as high as 80% discount coupon codes.
  3. Apply this coupon code.
  4. Your purchase price will come down, you will feel happy.

But the real trouble begins at payment page, YOU DONOT SEE ANY PAYMENT OPTION AND ARE LEFT WITH AN ERROR MESSAGE.

Godaddy does not allow you to make payment once you apply discount coupons codes.

I was stuck at payment page and contacted their cusomter care. However, Godaddy customer care is biggest time consuming. They will discuss with you for more than 30 minutes if you call them.

Customer representative asks you to pay in USD, instead of INR to make payments after using coupons. WHEN YOU SELECT USD, the price of Domains doubles after converting!!!

I know Godaddy already gives you discount and using coupons gives you benefit but loss to Godaddy.

But my concerns which make me feel that Godaddy is doing it wrong are:

  1. At first place why they should accept COUPON CODES if they are not going to accept discounted payments.
  2. Why customer care representative advice to pay in USD, knowing that USD price will be higher than the even discounted price. On that we have to pay a fee to bank for conversion charges etc.
  3. Why customer representative take so long (average Godaddy call is 30 minutes, its my experiance)?

Common Godaddy, start treating your customer with a good intention. Stop this Coupon fraud if you are not going to accept payment.

Here is an example, I tried to buy a domain and applied discount Coupon code. You can search 80% discount codes in Google.

Godaddy Discount Coupons fraud

Next step is to click on Proceed to Checkout button. You can see I got a discount of Rs. 2300.

On the landing page, when you click on Place Your Order, you ge this error message "There is a problem with the information you provided. Please ensure all fields are completed properly"

This is the screenshot of payment page.

Godaddy change your algorithams, if you do not want to accpet payment. Stop the order at Coupon code itself. Do not accept coupons if you cannot sell at these discounted prices.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by SEO Guru

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