Maggi is one of the biggest brand that Nestle owns. Maggi was the top noodle brand in India. However Maggi failed the food tests and is now rolled out from market.

Anyone can guess, what Nestle is planning to bring Maggi back to market?

Maggi lost goodwill and it will be very difficult for Nestle to relaunch the Maggi. Thanks to Whatsapp and other social sites, Maggi news spread at a faster pace and company had to destroy all its production.

Nestle suffered more than 400 crore loss, I am surprised that no one is punished or media is hiding the news of any arrests.

Nestle destroyed Maggi and it seems matter got closed what about action against company for feeding dangerous food to Indians?

Coming to the point, what plans does Nestle have to relaunch Maggi Noodles in India?

Posted 5 years, 1 month ago by Rahul Rai

Yes, Media will always be silent about such things. Due to social media pressure the reports which we saw in the Print and TV came. Given a choice, media will brush under the carpet any negative news about their big spenders. Nestle Lost 400 crores in stock, but imagine from 1983 how much Nestle would have spent in Print and TV ads?

Posted 5 years ago by Rajagopalakrishnan Ramanathan

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