How to sell on Snapdeal

Before beginning to sell on Snapdeal, the business must first become a Snapdeal seller by completing the registration process and submitting the required documents. If an established business proposes to sell on Snapdeal, the seller registration process can be completed quickly as the business may have the required tax registrations. On the other hand, if the Snapdeal seller is a new business, certain tax registrations must be obtained prior to selling on Snapdeal.

Business Registration (May not be required for established businesses)

PAN Card, TIN Registration and Bank Account – in the name of the business is required to complete the Snapdeal seller registration process.

PAN Card

Permanent Account Number or PAN card copy must be submitted bearing the name of the businesses during the Snapdeal seller registration process. Both, Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnerships would have PAN Card in the name of the business. Proprietorship’s would have PAN card only in the name of the Proprietor.


TIN Registration

TIN Registration also known as VAT Registration or Sales Tax Registration is required to begin selling on Snapdeal. TIN registration is required for any person or entity selling goods or services in India – both offline or online. Therefore, TIN Registration must be obtained by applying to the State Authorities before selling on Snapdeal. Entities without TIN Registration can only sell handicrafts, books, online education or unstitched fabrics.

Bank Account

A copy of cancelled cheque must be submitted to Snapdeal during the Snapdeal seller registration process. The bank account must be in the name of the business. Private limited companies and LLPs can both easily open bank accounts in the name of the business by submitting certificate of incorporation and PAN card. Opening a bank account in the name of the business is burdensome for a proprietorship, as existence of the business must be proved through other tax or business registrations.

Once the above process has been completed, the business can commence selling its product.

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Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by Munim Team

Nice information shared regarding e-commerce, if an individual is having it's own online store then it is best for them to start selling their stuff from snapdeal. Great Information Thanks. 

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Deepika Yadav

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